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Posted:Lingo, we all use it, but sometimes you'll be somewhere and someone wll say something and while everyone around you is nodding away you're thinking what the hell did that mean?!
so i propose a mass collection of lingo be gathered here.

for example a "cannabis ciggarette" is often reffered to as.......(list as many)

:;please donate your lingo generously;:

[ 30 October 2002, 05:55: Message edited by: Greatballsoffire ]

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Posted:been done already man. Hide this thread before it gets locked

You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

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Posted:yuh like Bram said, i dunno where it is now, but there's a thread, recent, called something like International Slang, and it's pretty good! go check it out, fireballs, you'll like it!

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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