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Trippie Hippie
Trippie Hippie

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Posted:Not quite, but i have a feeling that it won't be long now, I will explain.........Be warned, its a long story!!!!!!

After my gig on Saturday (Baring in mind, that i NEVER drink or smoke before or after a burn) i headed home to my new house that i have been doing up for the past year, and moved in about two weeks ago. I sat in my kitchen juggling and playing with the cat (by now it's about 2;15am)
Upstairs my sisters cd player comes on, max volume, track 3. I wander upstairs shouting "think about the neibours" coz i figure that it is my sister coming home pissed from work. No sigh of her????
I wander back down stairs, a little spooked, open a beer and sit down again. As i sit down there is a huge bang in the room above me followed by lots and lots of smaller bangs across the whole ceiling above me, which then comes down the walls around me??? The cat shits herself and flys out of the room. Then SOMEONE STROKED MY CHEEK!!!! The back door slams.

I had to share this coz i'm gonna try and talk to who ever this is tonight coz its scaring me and my sister. Please don't laugh at me coz every one that i have told has laughed at me so far

I will add more details tomorrow and keep you posted on wheather i get an answer, wish me luck!!!!
I admit, i am shitting myself.

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Posted:Good luck,

If it was me, I'd be freaked. Maybe you should do some visualisation + protective stuff before confronting anything. I've been around one horribly negative vibe/entity, and I never want to meet anything like that again.

Once more, all the best.


Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes C G Jung


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Posted:I am not laughing. I had a similar experience. If you want to talk to me about it you can PM me.

Good luck

Are we nearly there yet?


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Posted:Whoa scarry stuff ha?, I'd had a unusal experience like that with a spirt like that.
He was a old land lord of the place I use to live in when he passed on, he made a lot of noise (similiar banging etc). Than one day he just left.

I'd get out the puk wa (chinese mirrors) and hope for the best.

Anyperson can acheive anything if they don't have fear in their hearts!

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Posted:i would have shit it!

but just think that spirts can do u no harm, they are just lost souls, or something like that! i duno if its true! u'lljust have to hope! joke! no really, i wish u good luck!


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Posted:yeah (in regards to everyone laughing at you), it's amazing how easily people are prepared to label you insane.. rather than stepping back for a moment and realising that they do not actually know _everything_

Two nights ago the sky outside our house was green.. i have no idea what it was, but all my housemates saw it as clearly as i did.. however, every single person i've told since, has just assumed i was high or something. quite frustrating.

I suppose it's easier to not believe, and to close your mind and live within it's safe confines, than it is to open up to the infinite possibilites that actually exist. Nobody knows everything, and anyone who claims to is most likely lying, or have put up boundaries and limits on their definition of 'everything'.

anyway, just remember there's no need to be afraid, of anything, ever.

-As angels debate chance and fate-
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Posted:easily beleiving you, i'm wishing you good passage through this rare experience. don't freak too much. ! .

with warmest love,

~ Mikie

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
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Posted:If you believe, it's either the shell of someone's life that hasn't faded(what normal society calls a ghost), or a negative entity(unlikely) either way, you have nothing to fear - the intention is just to scare you. You must keep this in mind.
There can be blessings done to your house if it's a ghost, and i can gladly offer you the skill to draw a circle of protection around you or an incantation to temoporarily whisk away negative entities.
do you remember your dreams? if you do, do they disturb you?
cling on to your strength, as this battle is over fear, not life. Be strong! (or alternatively move out - whichever is easier!)

hope this helps man!

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:death is not to be feared, though the fear is quite natural part of development.
we comprise of the concciousness, the body and the spirit. Our conciousness is immortal but the body dies and decays, as does our spirit - what is precived as 'ghosts'

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Trippie Hippie
Trippie Hippie

old hand
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Posted:Top of the morning to ya!!

Well to fill in the gaps, as last nights post was written in haste,
Since moving in, i have had TV's and Stereos turning them selves on even though (because of this) i have turned them off at the plug.
I put stuff down, turn around and when i turn around it's on the other side of the room!!!

On Sunday night i went into the local pub and spoke to a guy in there who, by chance, used to live in my house in the 60's, and feeling like a complete burke, i asked him if he had strange occurrences in the house while he lived there.
He replied "Oh, so you've met the ghost of Glen then!!!" at which point i almost cried!!!!!

I asked him what used to happen when he lived there, he said that "Glen" used to bang about the house and move stuff around, i asked him "Why do you call it, The ghost of Glen???" To which he replied that when he lived there he was heavily into Glen Miller, and every time he put Glen Miller on his record player, then switched it off when he had, had enough, "Glen" used to kick off??

So feeling a bit better about the situation, i went home and put on my Glen Miller box set, after about an hour i switched it off. Then waited, and waited. Nothing, by now it's about 12 and as i had to be up for work in the morning, so i went to bed.

On awaking in the morning, i wandered down stairs to find my sister and mum?? sitting in the kitchen looking like death. My sister told me that at about 2:30 she went to bed and on doing so, "Glen" started banging around her room, she was really scared, and not wanting to wake me, she phone my mum to come round. When my mum arrived "Glen" started to clam down.

Last night i left "Glen" a note, A simple question,
"Are you happy?" Yes NO and left a ring between the Yes and No (as glen has been moving stuff, i was hoping that he would answer by moving the ring) Then went to see A family friend who is a medium.
OK, she said that (after listening to the story) that acknowledging "glen" and trying to get a response out of him would be a BAD idea because it will give him his ticket in, if you like. Also, she said that giving this spirit a name is gonna wind him up, so i'm not to use the name in the house.
But she said that "Glen" sounds like a women, possibly old, and trying to mother us, or a young girl who has taken shining to me!!!!! I feel sick just writing that!!!!
Last night i left the radio on down stairs and we had peace all night.
The strange thing is that "Glen" seems to pick on me, 99% of these thing happen when there is only me in the house- which admittedly, is very un nerving.

This morning i came down the stairs into the kitchen, and "Felt" Glen in the kitchen
He never replied to my note.

On my way to work i spoke to my next door neighbor about what had been happening, and he said that when he lived in his house alone, he could swear that each night some one would sit in the arm chair next to him!!!! But it stopped when his wife moved in.

So it looks like i've got a music loving, wandering, man loving, teen ghost in my house!!!!!

So please tell me your strange story's, Lets make this the official 'Wandering Spirits' thread, i would love to hear about your experiences with the paranormal. Especially at this time of the year!!!!!
Taking it easy
Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone.

Trippie Hippie- Monty Dons secret love child

Fly like a mouse, run like a pillow, be the small book case.

"Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone".

Because dressing up is fun.

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Posted:hmmm... My Nana believes that her house/property is on the grave of an indian chief from one of the west coast natives. The reason fr this is the factor that she and numerous other people have seen an old native man in full regalia on the premises. I also believe that he watches over my Papas workshop, since when I was a little bloke, my Nana and I were in there when we shouldn't have and all of a sudden there was all this banging upstairs when there was nothing in there.

Trippy, be very careful with "Glen" as contrary to what mos people believe, ghosts can harm you, wehter or not you think they can. Just read up on a poltergeist phenomenon that happened in the states. A paranormal investigater was looking around in the attic at the house, when the ghost tried to strangle him to death with a twisted piece of strong wire.

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flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:Wow trippy hippy.... I hope you and Glen can find a compromise in which to both happily exist. I know I'd be a tad shaken, but not at all inclined to make the ghost go away.

We had a small thread on supernatural occurances a while ago... there's a million more members now and probably many more scary stories to be added, but here's some to whet your whistle:
Personal X Files thread from way back

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:Part of me was hoping for a logical explanation to all this.

And part of me was hoping that there would be no logical explanation to all this.

-Mike )'(
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