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queen of wands

Location: Melbourne

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Posted:Hey all,

Whilst stonered on the weekend I pondered why it was that people are so horrified that people like me like to play with fire and risk their life every time, something that strikes fear in the average muggle.

- I think it's this... -

When you play with something physically dangerous and fearsome like fire, other fears dissipate. By conqeuring the fear of something physically hurting you, suddenly it's like other emotional fears, insecurities, grieves etc are only temporal...

You don't worry about the exam tomorrow (oh shit, ummmmmm.... actually I DO have one tomorrow! LOL... ) or your love life (or lack thereof in my case), or anything like that. I'd be more poetic about this but i need a cup of tea first.

I'd be interested to see what you all think, or whether I am, as suspected, just talking codshit to strangers.

- queen of wands -

I'm not vegetarian, but currently I'm off my chops!

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old hand
Location: Nottingham UK

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Posted:"I'd be interested to see what you all think, or whether I am, as suspected, just talking codshit to strangers." Honey we are no longer strangers, we are your new found family

I think that a lot people act horrified because they're afraid to step outside the ordinary reality that is their life to do something different, because they are scared of being ridiculed. As we were ridiculed as children by others if we were different. Most people don't like to be the centre of atttention with everyone looking at them. They usually judge others on themselves and they are just projecting their own fear onto you the fire spinner. That or they are scared sh**less of fire.

Just my 2 pence worth.

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Jade Lynx

Location: Laguna Beach, but i live in De...

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Posted:Well, it's a weird back and forth... I love playing with fire, and have since i was a little kid. Yet I have a particular horror of burns because a bad burn hurts so much.

At our Sunday spins, there's a lovely man who loves fire, goes to Burning Man, comes almost every week to watch us, and when i asked if he'd like to stand and have me (or a more experienced spinner) spin around his body so he can get the sound and get the fire around him, he thanked me very sweetly and said No Thanks. And i know that he LOVES fire...
Apparently he just loves fire in a different way than i do. It's a little like the drumming for e. I can do some simple stuff, but my repsonse to good drumming is not wanting to drum, but wanting to dance....

And yes, QueenWand, most people are scared of fire. WHich i think is maybe a good thing, or we'd have even more dipshits running around messing it for the rest of us...
I haven't had the experience of lessening my other fears through spinning, but then, i was never afraid fof the fire. I was just afraid of whacking myself in the face. I'm overcoming that gradually though.

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Location: the arms of the Ganja Goddess

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Posted:hmmm... I don't know what to say...

You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

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HoP Mechanical Engineer
Location: OK, USA

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Posted:I think of it more as an overall confidence booster. We're dancing with death, yes, but my personal high comes from knowing the way my body is moving, the way I hold to the beat of the music, the way I feel so fluid and coordinated when I'm spinning Poi...

I think it's the KNOWING that you've got skills (and rare ones at that) that affects your life without fire the most. And like romance taught me, confidence gets you places. It's a self-perpetuating phenomenon, being confident and earning the ego-boosting awe of those around you in turn.

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Intrepid Penguin
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Posted:same sort of feeling i get from others when i tell them i want to do a suspension peircing...


` its all good really.

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Ash Blackstar

Ash Blackstar

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Posted:<<<<<It's a little like the drumming for e. I can do some simple stuff, but my repsonse to good drumming is not wanting to drum, but wanting to dance....>>>>>>>

God can I relate to that. The last Ren fest I went to (Excalibur right outside of Austin TX) the dang middle eastern drummers were torturing me. I happen to bellydance, and they decided they were going to do some dancer seduction. It got worse when the gypsy fiddler joined in. I swear they love torturing us. I felt kinda foolish trying to dance in front of a bunch of people, cause I was really really REALLY inexperienced at that point, but it only took them about three minutes before I started dancing.

I think that the reason people seem so horrofied is born partially from jealousy. Ive learned alot about hecklers and such since last Samhain. They see this encredible art form, and are both jealous, and scared of it. Since we stopped using fires to heat and cook with, mans respect and partnership with fire has dwindled into nothing, and fear has taken over.

It's sad when respect turns into fear and hatred. Its like they went from seeing something that can help them, as long as they respect it and use it properly, to seeing it as a mindless rampaging beast that wishes nothing more than to destroy them.

They see us using fire in this way, and subconciously realize that they have lost the primal connection to something that was, and in my oppinion still is, essential to life.

Perhaps my ramblings mean nothing in the greater scheme of things, its just my view on life in general.

Ash Blackstar

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, But Whips and Chains excite me"
"Only way to deal with Drama, heavy weaponry and a strong does of grow the Hell up"

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queen of wands

Location: Melbourne

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Posted:Wow! I seriously didn't think anyone'd reply to this... Im really touched.

"Always at the heart of my life there has been fire" - 'Winter of Fire' by Sherryl Jordan.

If you look at the elements: Air can get smoggy, water can become filthy, earth can become poisoned, but fire is uncorruptable. It is the purest form of energy - something that is so intense that it attracts us and yet scares us at the same time. To harness something that would ordinarily transform and consume whatever it touches is a gift.

peace love and tim tams dipped in coffee,
queen of wands

I'm not vegetarian, but currently I'm off my chops!


SILVER Member since Jan 2002

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Posted:Mmmmm, tim-tams dipped in coffee...

yes, fire is dangerous. And I get some lovely reactions, specially from partners & potential partners. They think I am weird, crazy, most of them are mildly amused by it. none of them have seen me spin. But I also get the feeling that most of them think I will grow out of it. I hope I never do.

I do it because it is beautiful and powerful. And I love the feel of dancing with fire.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Distorted Silence

Location: Melbourne

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Posted:I was sucking my coffee through a tim tam the other day... Then it got too soggy and fell in. It became a mocca. A really bad mocca at that.

At the start, fire became my form of freedom from reality in a way. The danger of being burnt diminished after one tasty Poi wrap and tangle around my arm which I now have a lovely scar to show for. It was if I didnt feel fire pain anymore. Fire also introduced me into a really lovely boyfriend at the time.

Now, all the above is different. (not including the tim tam)... If i burnt myself, IT HURTS. Fire introduced me into a not very lovely anymore EX boyfriend, but I still love it, even if I don't actually spin with fire very much anymore.

But people always seem to give me a weird look whenever I'm carrying my staff...
"Oh, youre one of THOSE..."

Maybe theyre jealous, maybe they just dont like me

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queen of wands

Location: Melbourne

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Posted:LOL @ "one of those"...

So know that feeling...

I'm not vegetarian, but currently I'm off my chops!


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