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Posted:For the first time ever, Australias largest dance music and lifestyle festival will be coming to QLD in full outdoor tour mode. Many of you have been making the Victorian pilgrimage to attend this annual event, but now it is scheduled to happen in our own backyard!

fusing brisbane and earthcore presents




The thunder from down under brings it monster martian death ray to Brisbane! Earthcore's main floor will unleash an open-air all star international lineup from dusk till later than dawn......

Set on a lush 1000 acre property little more than 60 minutes from Brisbane, this international extravaganza will encompass the best of live and electronic music for a full twenty four hours of non-stop entertainment.

Full market precinct, camping, workshops and other festival frolicking amidst three stages of performance, an impeccable production and enough weird stuff to throw chooks at.


The Amorphous Adrodgynous (Future Sound of Londons 6 piece band) (live)
Peretz aka Perry Farrell (Porno for Pyros- Janes Addiction)
Hallucinogen (Twisted Records - Live)
Propellerheads (dj set)
Shpongle aka Simon Posford (dj set)
System 7 (live)
Gaz Cobain (FSOL DJ set)
Soma Rasa (Freefall Records - Live)
AB Didgeridoo (live)
D-Ko (live)
Hired Goon$ (Giiwa Productions Live)
Luke Psywalker (Digital Psionics)
Beka (Turbotrance Records Byron Bay)
Paul Abad (Positronic)

Freefall vs Rudeboyz

Teschnik (Freefall Records - Live)
Superfluid (Creative Vibes - Live)
Whispa (Freefall Records - Live)
Vinyl Slingers (live)
Operon vs Erther (The Rudeboyz Mafia!)
Noodles (Tribe 187 Byron Bay)
Aniki (Nutznboltz Ten Pound Crew)
The Score

liquidBASS vs DROP

Statler and Warldorf (Freefall Records - Live)
Xuedhan (Canberra)
Si Clone (Bay FM Byron Bay)
Magoo (DROP)
Orinoko (liquidBASS)
Alan Ho (DROP)
Cosmo Cater
Shadrach (liquidBASS)
Scott Walker (DROP)
Fergus Alexander
Valli Lee

details :: www.fusingbrisbane.com
details :: www.earthcore.com.au
tickets :: http://earthcore.greentix.com.au/evlist.php

contact :: fusingbrisbane@fusingbrisbane.com
contact :: admin@earthcore.com.au

Due to permit conditions this event is 18+ and will be limited to 2000 people.
First round tickets have already sold out - Dont miss out!


wandering dingo
Location: Aussie in London
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Posted:Written by:
So who's coming?

Meeeeee! I am coming too! I'd be up for a convoy but we are heading up on the thursday though to set the market stall set up.

Can't wait to meet/see everyone!!ubbrollsmile

*runs off to pack car for early tomorrow departure*

Only three things are certain: Death, Taxes, and that England will not win back the Ashes in this lifetime.


what goes around comes around. unless you're into stalls.
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Posted:So that's Jesse, Kyle, Sam, Chris, Jazzy, me, Ben, Lexy, Joel, Karen E, Tom and Loz, Firenix, Loki and crew...French chaps? Elke, Troy, Kristy, Mojojo (from PEERTH!!) bounce2 clap bounce2

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

The Misguided Oracle
The Misguided Oracle

the floor is a sea of tigers...
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Posted:bounce so excited! only 2 sleeps to go! bounce

"My body is a well tuned machine... It just needs a competent driver." - ?


what goes around comes around. unless you're into stalls.
Location: Bali
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Posted:Written by: newgabe

So that's Jesse, Kyle, Sam, Chris, Jazzy, me, Ben, Lexy, Joel, Karen Edelenbos, Tom and Loz, Firenix, Loki and crew...Frenchies Jay and Stef, Elke, Troy, Kristy, Mojojo (from PEERTH!!) bounce2 clap bounce2

and Alice!

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....


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Posted:Hi everyone! What a beautiful show!! I only just got to see the photos and footage recently. I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!

The amazing Chris has put together a short video demo of the Earthcore performance, named "Chamar" (which translates to "call" / "calling"). If you were like me and weren't lucky enough to see the show in person, you can download a low res version of it at the bottom of this page http://www.divineimagination.com/gallery/demo.php
I've never seen Kyle look so, erm, frightening!! wink Hopefully the show will be happening again soon!


Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australi...
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I have it on *very* good authority that there is to be a repeat performance of the Earthcore fire show at the Sandgate festival on Friday 6th January!!

The location is easy to find - Lower Moora Park foreshore (co-incidentally the same spot as moonfest)!!

It will be part of the Opening night of the festival - a free event that runs from 5-9pm and features, among others, "Oka" - a very funky & organic band playing just before the fire show....

look forward to seeing many of you there!

love Bec

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