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Location: Austin, Tx

i took poi for a while (a short while frown) last year.... and
i'm very very interested in restarting classes.
please email me if you know of any in the austin area. peace.


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spritiespritieSILVER Member
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the austin spinners have an e-mail list that you could join and I'm sure find someone to help you out. PM on the way with the addy. The austin crew is a wonderful bunch.

vanizevanizeSILVER Member
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I second what Spritie said!


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aestus_presulaestus_presulBRONZE Member
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I hate to bother you but you wouldn't mind helping me find an Austin poi group, I ve been looking around but no luck yet. I already sent an email to burning flipside and waiting for a response from them. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at Thank you.

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spritiespritieSILVER Member
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Location: Galveston, TX, USA

The austin fire spinning list is pyrogenesis. To subscribe to it, go back to the Burning Flipside webpage ( Somewhere on the left side, you will see a link to Mailing Lists. Follow that, and then select Pyrogenesis, and it will give you a form to fill out to subscribe. Rest assured, they are out there. I also think they still hold weekly practice type sessions at a place called The Enchanted Forest on Tuesday nights. It's on Oltorf the major street east of Lamar I do believe (or maybe on Lamar). Since I've never lived in Austin, I just know how to get there, but not the streets that it is on. Oh, and arashi might pipe in here to give you more info (or PM him as he lives in Austin)

newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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Yeah, isn't Arashi the obvious answer to this question?

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