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Posted:Hi all,I'm looking for suggestions as to where we can move our thursday night fire twirling jam now that the wetter weather is approaching...We dont want to have to stop fire twirling or drumming, but we cant think of anywhere where we could do indoors / sheltered fire twirling...can you think of any?Josh

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Posted:*in a "quandrangle" of a local school...*community hall ($$)*under a shelter that you build on your property.will add as more come to mind (Sydney ppl need to start making these considerations too!!)

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Posted:Got the same problem here in Sydney, the other day though I found this huge {big enough to fit a 747}and magnificent abandoned warehouse, when I get time if I ever get time I thought about asking the no doubt corporate owners to let me use it. Maybe you could also look for a similar type of site.I've actually tracked down several sites that are worthy of consideration, some are also possible performance spaces, I'm sure that if it was done right and enough sites were applied for you could obtain a regular place of practice, I guess fire safety and insurance would be the greatest obstacle, not sure how that can be gotten around?Anyway there's always the public spaces that no one uses at night that are covered, I've often found, a good bike ride where you never normally venture serves to illuminate the path.


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