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Posted:Me and my friend, her mom, and grandma went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a little summer vacation.
The whole Busker thing was on the go that week so we decided to go. At first we thought it was allright .. nothing too special. Then we went and saw Circulo Du Fuego! aka Ash Circle, and we were completely blown away.
The way that Loki manuvers is mexmerizing .. and his Rope Torch is really amazing to watch, especially when he shoots it out at the audience. (of course not close enough to touch them tongue)
Then Ivan comes on and starts blowing fire everywhere which was so insane !
We went back to see them 6 times. Got some pictures and autographs. Great guys, they really are.

Soooo .. what i was wondering is, when was the first time you ever witnessed Poi up close ? and was it some random street performer or a friend ?
Basically your first Poi; or even fire, experience.

- Alyssa bounce

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Posted:First poi was my friend Maz from New Zealand when she was over in the UK.

First fire was when I went out for a burn down in Surrey with Pigeon. Also when I first saw staff and firestaff (and got hooked). Thank you Claire.x

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Posted:First fire, and indeed poi was at the camel rock festival. some guy was doing it and the end of this old quay which came out into the middle of the bay so it looked like he was walking on water. got me interested but it wasn't until a couple of years later that i actually got hooked myself!

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Posted:first poi was at college, we were sat out on the playing field and my mate got hers out and started spinning (mind...stay....clean) but i didnt have my first spin till nearly 3 years after that.

my first fire, was also my first fire spin, it was LazyAngel showing off tongue

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Posted:The first time i saw spinning was St Patricks day (or there abouts) outside the Blues Bar when my freinds got out there poi and started spinning. I was amazed and hooked from the first moment they let me have a go.

The first time i saw fire spinning was the mass burn on saturday night at Falmouth 4.I was supposed to be elping katy set up our tent or something, i cant quite remember, and was very disstracted by the fire.

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Glad you liked the shows. smile

The first time I saw live fire performance was in 2000. There was a woman doing fire poi to live drummers outside of the library in Halifax. I stayed for an hour. It was mesmerizing. When they were done I asked about it, and she showed me the tools and told me a bit about it. I learned all I could after that.

First time I saw pros spinning fire was the Flaming Butterflies in 2001 at Halifax Buskerfest. They're great to watch.

The rest is history.

It still blows my mind sometimes when I see Ivan breathing fire.



-Rick aka Loki
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Posted:First time I saw poi (live OR otherwise)... Yep, Ash Circle. Just... Undescribable.

But: "... Circulo Du Fuego..." Question mark, question mark?

I dragged my sister to seven or eight shows one summer, and then the next summer I was back on my own, and of course had to go watch them some more... I think I've seen their show... er, an embarrassing number of times now.

I was so mad I missed their show in Edmonton; unfortunately, I'd left on an airplanabane by that time.

... You guys have to come to Europe now.

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Posted:first time i saw spinning was pigeon wigeon

first time i saw fire was on here on a vid by durbs

first time i saw it live was spinning @ clapham smile