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Posted:Not actually a post about long sunny afternoons of contact in the sunshine. have a look at this.

M Vandrot, 24, who is studying botanics at Edinburgh University, left the ball on his windowsill while he visited the citys Royal Botanic Garden. By the time he returned, the ball had destroyed his own and two other flats, and had left several others uninhabitable.

have a look at the full thing,its this article here

not actually a contact juggler but a psychic, but we all know contact balls focus light and can burn things right?

be careful out there.

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Posted:I was actually ordering a clear one this morning, and there was that very warning on the site...clear, acrylic balls can act as a magnifying light in the sunshine, so it is best to carry and store your ball in a soft pouch.



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Posted:I think UCOF was lighting Myncis cig at a clapham meet with a cj ball

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Posted:I do that all the time... Light cigarettes with my contact ball, that is. I've not burned anything down, yet.

I also found that the acrylic balls will melt when left in the sun long enough, too... And they burn Sock Poi, and melt the plastic covering of those cheap, nasty chairs you get in uni accommodation...

Also, head stalls in the sun REALLY hurt. so does stalling the ball anywhere in the sun for that matter...

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Posted:it's scary to think that a little ball could do that eek

it was pretty impressive when UCOF was lighting Mynci's cigarette. biggrin

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He didn't see that coming.

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Posted:thank god my cj ball is red plastic biggrin

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Posted:4 ball pyramid moves but the sun is still consistant enough through it that it will blister.
I have also used them to start a camp fire and to burn a design in a piece of wood.

Mine didn't come with a warning though (years ago). I learned the painful way. frown

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Posted:OOOh OOOh OOOh i have a crystal ball (was expensive) and i used to have it on a wooden radiater shelf. one day i was polishing the shelf and behind the ball was a huge burn on the wallpaper. It's away in its box these days!!!

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