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Posted:I know that sounds a bit crazy....but for art for my final piece I'm doing two paintings of a couple kissing. I've been spending months trying to sketch it but it's really not happening for me at a friend suggested that I try and get an image of two people kissing. I've searched on the internet but it's kind of weird and there are no good pictures of people kissing.

It is kind of hard to explain but this is the gist: The girl is up against a wall on the right side of the two and the guy (is taller) and he has his right arm up against the wall and he's looking down smiling...and because the girl is shorter we see her giggling and smiling underneath the guys arm. The shot is kind of from waists above. Does that make sense?

And the second piece is them kissing. But kind of full on kissing not just a peck on the lips.

So if any couples are willing to do this I would be so incredibly grateful. I know it seems strange but I need to get this piece done and I promise I'll mention who you are in my folio and post the final product on here.

Or...even if you're not a's an excuse to hook up with the guy or girl you're after!

'Excuse me, see I have this friend who needs to take photos of people kissing for her art piece......' ubblol ubblove

PM me if you need more detiails

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