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Location: York, England
Member Since: 15th Mar 2002
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Posted:Well, to paraphrase, I've exibited three behaviors which I find very strange but which most people find normal in the past few days. I've been jealous of another girl over a guy, felt guilty about looking at other guys because of the one i've fallen for, and had random romantic things fall out of my mouth constantly, much to my embarressment (exmaple: "Its easy to fall in love with your smile") (The recipient seems to like them).

Now, I know I'm *very* different from other people in my approach to life, and in how much I understand human behavior. I know why, too, but it can still make it rather hard to adjust properly in social situations.... But I'm nervous about the one change and downright upset about the first two, and I guess I'm wondering, normalish people, is it ok????

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Posted:Well, your resistance from being normal is somewhat amusing LOL! I think everyone thought you are a goth for a second! But I think we could all understands the confusion of being caught with your trousers down. One min, you are confident with yourself, thinking that you are prepared for whatever the world could throw at you and the next min you are dealt a wild card and you have no idea what to do. I guess this is the true challenge, when things take a sudden turn and its how you cope and adapt that seperates you from the rest.

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the more i read of this the more it sounds exactly like my situation right now...

i know it's weird and confusing... and i know i feel like i shouldn't be feeling that wave of nausea every time he mentions her name too... but you know what? if we didn't feel emotions like this occasionally... that would be even less healthy...

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Posted:also, life should be about experiencing stuff. Go on, experience life in all its wonder...new cities, new emotions, new ways of thinking.

I know its a cliche but, experiences make us who we are, you seem to be an adventurous type of person on the outside, so make the leap to get to know yourself on the inside. and that means allowing yourself to also make right and wrong choices and learning from the experineces.

I realise all that wasnt necesarily about your predicament at the mo, but it may help you to realise ALL that emotions are good, its when we deny them or get overly embarrassd by them that they become a problem...the phrase, making a mountain out of mole hill also springs to mind.

remember, you can still be 'weird' to other people, but you'll always be normal to yourself!

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Posted:Written by: Brit_Joe

Im abit confused? Are you one of these people who think they HAVE to be 'orrgional' by covering themselves in tatoos and piercings and dilliberatly wearing unusual clothes to be orrgional and not comform to the 'normal' attitude of life because being 'normal' is just being a sheep?

Im perfectly happy being a sheep, I will style my hair like other people, wear clothes lots of other people wear, I dont feel the need to dye my hgair purple and cover my face in piercings,

Being orrgional is overated IMO, yeah your having feelings that everyone has, embrace them there nice.

You have fun with that smile

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Location: York, England
Member Since: 15th Mar 2002
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Posted:Something about what you said really hit me red1... I don't know. Its just... see, I'm total crap with words sometimes! But it seems like, on the same principle as better to have loved and lost... that I should just jump in with both feet and have an honest go at it....

God I can't belive I'm saying this, I'm always logical about things. But for once I don't really care anymore.

Emotions are weird....

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....


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Posted:Me being vanilla. ;-)

Bein honest, I think you worry too much. For "normal" is crap. There is no normality and there never was one. Even if someone loves Britney Spears umm what in there do you call normal. Normality exists only in math, not in real life. Couse everybody has his inner standards and beliefs and measures the world on this base. Normality would approach an outer standard and there is no.

Hope it sounds not too harsh, but don`t worry and don`t care about your bein normal or not.

And about the emotions: Just taste them, dig in and let it happen.

I was quite hard and cool until one day - now we`ve become one of those fluffy pairs we never could understand and ever thought of as boring to the bones - and my life was never better than that.

So lean back and enjoy!

Best wishes

Vanilla ubblove

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