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id like to say that this **is** a reaction to various posts on social chat, and would like to voice my opinion here in as an adult manner as i can manage

firstly i fail (slightly) to see many of the arguments against post whoring - the bandwidth argument especailly correct me if im wrong but ultimatly the bandwidth for the actual forums will not be exessivly affected by the addition of a post - even several 1000 posts - i mean whats the size of a post? a matter of Kb if that even 1000 of those is only 10Mb and while i know there are several hundred thousand posts that still does not even begin to touch the kind of bandwidth a site like this runs on.

on a similar vein arguing that pm's should be used will not save bandwidth - the messages are still stored though pm's should be used for other reasons - such as basically personal conversations

i agree that repeated posting is a waste of space and makes many threads unreadable - although i am guilty of doing this on occasion - so does having ream upon ream of people exactly the same thing

its often said that post whores take up a lot of the bandwidth space *but* as far as i can see at least they tend to say something new. so many otherwise interesting discussions and topics get flooded by people repeating the same points.

and i release im probably going to get accused of flamming for this. accused of being an idiot but seriously - how much damage does a silly thread do? ok threads started for the hell of having a thread are a waste, so tell a mod and have it deleted. but dont just yell at people who post a lot. try making a thread and then keep people on topic - its not just the mods who can moderate a forum - if you have one keep the conversation going and change the direction

but if you have a forum called social chat - dont you think people will?

ok so thats the end of this and i know it sounds like a rant so please take whats said with a pinch of salt and not as a personal insult

also any PM's asking for this to me removed etc (or just general insults) please head - post whore - so i know and for my own amusment

finally where do you fall?


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