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Posted:As you can see, i am bored.
o well, Which do you like better?
or are you a vegetarian?

c ya

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Posted:i do believe u could find a subject like this right here either/or

thats the 1st page of 10 now... wow... of either/ors like the chicken or lamb thingy.

add it there (if it hasnt been done) and then add your own!

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Without a doubt! Me no like di Lamb....

I'm not a baloon, I'm just made of rubber!!!!!



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Posted:quote:Originally posted by DildoFairyQueef:
Me no like di Lamb....i do.

hey, is this a sexual innuendo, like they cut out a scene from that ancient Spartacus movie (wuzn't it) before they released it halfway through last century, where the Roman patrician asks his slave (Tony Curtis?) while one of them's in the baths, "do you like. . .oysters?" meaning chicks, then "do you like snails?" meaning hornygoatdudes?

molten cheers,

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