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Posted:Okay, since I've been on Home of Poi since the beginning of the year and there has been VERY LITTLE South African presence on this wonderful website, I had to improvise. I went Dutch. And I learned a lot of cool stuff from the Dutch spinners:

1. Spinning with a community of people is MUCH better than spinning alone.

2. Spinning with a community of people is MUCH better than spinning alone....

do you get where I'm going with this?

I want to get meet SA Poi-ers... and even if you're reading this and you have no idea how to poi, but you came to HOP to learn, then I will teach you, just so that I have others to poi with... no, and I won't charge a thing: niks, nothing, mahala, nada.... GRATIS.

Man, I haven't seen an offer this good ever.... *sigh*

Send me a private message if you're interested...


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I am Durban based and only "toss ribbons" so far and am also way out of practise - would love to meet like minded folk (Durban is damn cliquey and hard to break into social circles.)

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Posted:To all those in JHB area. I am starting a spinning group. however i need to know if there would be enough ppl to make it a weekly or monthly gathering. Message or email me. This group means lessons, gear and public performances

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