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Posted:I want to purchase a fire-proof cloth to smother out props when they no longer need to be used in the number but are still burning.

I know a wet towel also does the job, but I thought a fire blanket for traveling purposes is more practical.

I'm not sure, but I think the fire blanket that HOP sells is one of those one time, emergency deals. Im wondering if anyone knows for sure if all the fiber glass based products of this kind are reusable or are made to be used once and then thrown away.

So far I've found one wool based fireproof blanket at

Its about a square meter and costs $120. Is there anyone out there with experience and advice on this matter? Or maybe an idea of where to get one cheaper?

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Posted:As far as I know, you can use a fire blanket over and over and over and over.


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Posted:The problem your going to find with fabric / fibre based fire blankets is one of fuel take up, in essence the blanket eventually carries enough fuel to become combustable, while this usually is not a problem, sloppy usage of a fire blanket with residual fuel content has the potential to ignite, can't say I've had this problem myself, but I've seen it happen a few times.

Moving on, I routinely use the same fire blanket to teach fire safety, tool extinguishing etc, I tend to replace it several times yearly, when I'm unhappy about the amount of fuel take up. I pay around 19 GBP for marine rated fire blankets, kitemarked etc.

I should add, I have two, one gets used on tools, and other fire safety aspects, and the other is unused, should that incident involving a performer ever happen. They get rotated, the one used on tools gets disposed of, and the replacement becomes the one to used on peeps.


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Posted:A slightly damp cotton towel is all that you will need for putting out tools.

The fire blanket we sell is only for using on a person who has become a human torch. Small fires on a person can be brushed off with a cotton towel.

The fire blanket we have is very special as it has no fluff (very smooth) on the surface and will not stick easily to a badly burning person.

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Yep, appears to be the same type I use.



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Posted:you can get fire blankets at diy shops, try Obi or Hornbach smile 120 $ seems quite expensive.

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