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It's a list. A bunch of friends and I are making them. It is of 101 things to do in 1001 days. They need not be huge, life changing things but realistic goals, but they can be if you choose them to.

They also need to be as complete and explicit as possible (nothing simply vague).
They need to be obtainable. Sure we all want to make millions of $$$ but that is not necessarily realistic.

1001 days is around 2 3/4 years, and averages out to completing one goal every ten days.

I had the worst time starting mine but then once I did, and once I spoke with other people my list just kept growing (I think I am up to 105 now actually!).

I created my list in the end of July and actually started it at the beginning of August and have already completed 2 goals...and it feels really good to do so!

Anyway...thoughts? Encouragements?
What would your list look like?

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