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Posted:Oh yeahhh, let's party...

by celebrating together the "4th night of Fantastic and Marvellous" on Friday September 23, 2005 at the famous "Cabaret Sauvage" in Paris, from 10p.m to the dawn...

Again, "Realm Of Fairies" meets around these traditional fairy-like creatures in a fantasmatic decoration, with a quantity of performances, concerts, stands, jugglers, fire shows, delights and exposures...

* After "Rosa Crux", we invite this time cultissimes Von Magnet (www.vonmag.net) which has just released their new album "the Magnet" (Orkhstra International), and will come to dramatize the event on scene accompanied by projections and the flamenco guitarist Sabine Van Den Oever who colours the majority of the compositions acoustically.

* Performance of "Air One" who will enchant us with a juggled tale "the dream of Lucas" where its luminous balls will take life and will crystallize in fireflies...

* Diva "Dolga" sparks our hearing of her singing exercises... accompanied by Damien Lutin to the cords...

* Enjoy also the setting sun from the terrace and the spectacles in the open air... under the sign of fire shows...

* You can right now register for theTombola on the first page of our website!

"Cabaret Sauvage" Park of Vilette 59, boulevard Mac Donald Paris M Porte of Vilette
from dusk till dawn
16 on the spot / 14 in presale

Fairily yours..........

Elfeline, accreditations stand and requests for participation: 00 33 (0)6 20 40 22 81/ 00 33 (0)6 15 06 16 34
Website and tombola: realmoffairies.free.fr
Mail: realmoffairies@hotmail.com

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Posted:Nice One Olga
If you folks are lucky!!! and tell Olga she needs to book me too I may well be there from the BJC.
Would love to check out Paris again
Hope to see you at the EJC - Blond beauty Fairy

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Posted:I can't whait for this party! ubbrollsmile
You can count on me biggrin

>> all is full of love <<


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