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Draco Iracundia
Location: Adelaide
Member Since: 11th Mar 2005
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Posted:saw this today link

Was just wondering on peoples thoughts as to if they would want to be frozen and brought back to life, or when there time is up, to go and be left gone. Would you volunter to do the human part of these studies?

And how cool do you think it would be to have a zombie dog? no need to buy it food, can just let it jump the fence and eat the neighbours dog, heheeh

Do we sleep when we die?

The artist formerly known as Phae'xorl.
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Posted:Er, no. If I were a zombie I would expect that someone would shoot me in the head....I know that's what I would do were I to run across a zombie.

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Posted:"Whatever you do, don't let the zombie bite you."

"Why, do you turn into one?"

"No, it just bloody hurts!"

ubblol ubblol

I'd volunteer if i was going to die anyway, but I'd probably get religious types attacking me as un-natural...

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Arty Farty
Arty Farty

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Posted:how bizzare.

do you think you'd come back in your own body, or some other soul would get born into your body instead?

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Preston
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Posted:Maybie someone would leave the freazer turned off and refreeze you, and you just turn to mush like turkey does...fun zombie bleeeekk *spurgle spurgle melt melt flop, bubble, pop*...fear me....*gloop noise*

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Draco Iracundia
Location: Adelaide
Member Since: 11th Mar 2005
Total posts: 784
Posted:in the article they say that they dont actually freeze the dog, but make it almost frozen. so you've got to think that the decay process would still happen. even if it is still slow, it would still happen. So i wonder how long your body would last in that situation.

Do we sleep when we die?


Self-Flagellation Expert
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Posted:i'd put my hand up for that, but i'll probably donate my body to science when i die anyway. i figure that when i'm dead, i won't need it, so i may as well let it be usedd for something helpful.

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fluffy mess
Location: Brighton
Member Since: 8th Apr 2005
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Posted:No thanks...I dont really want to carry on much past fourty,nevermind staggering your body's use out like that. nuh uh, count me out!

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Member Since: 6th Jun 2005
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Posted:I would love to be one...
I would also love to have my own army of them......

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Member Since: 26th May 2005
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Posted:Written by: arty farty

how bizzare.

do you think you'd come back in your own body, or some other soul would get born into your body instead?

I like this one. The same problem would exist if teleportation existed. How would you know that the people who came out the other end had the same soul?
On that note, maybe u get a new soul every time u go to sleep, and you've only REALLY been living in your current body for the current day, despite what your memories tell you.


just lost .... evil init
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Posted:i dunno if it where to work for people it might suggest that theres no such thing as a soul and that we are nothing more than machines. it would be very interesting to see the brain states at the time of death and reanimation. i would do it if the technology had been around for awhile and there was a clause where if i got brought back with brain damage they would terminate me.

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Adya Miriyana
Adya Miriyana

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Posted:mm agrees with blu, and ben.

not for me, thanks..