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Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
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Posted:There is nothing more rewarding for me then to perform for a crowd relatively
unfamiliar with poi. There responses are generally one of complete amazement and there
complements are so genuine that you can't help but feel that you've somehow made
their night pretty special. That's what makes the whole performing aspect of poi so special
to me>>knowing that I've inspired someone or atleast given them something sweet to
dream about I do fire poi for my own reasons...I would spin fire even if no one
was watching but I think that the reasons stated above are why I do it for other people.

I luv the sound of the fire whipping past my head
I luv the little world of fire it creates around you...seperating yourself from the rest of the world
I luv the feel of my body as the poi pulls me in different directions
Gosh I think I just downright luv has a life of it's pulsates to it's own chaotic rythym.

Why do you spin??? (for your personal reasons and for other people?)


Om Namah Sivaya

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Posted:For the ME that had heros once before,for the vision I gain when I am reflected, for the chance in uncertainty, for the collective advocacy, and offerings what not



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Posted:For the clarity of it all. Life is confusing, sometimes painfully confusing. Everything melts away when I spin, it's just me and the fire. It makes me feel more alive than I normally feel.

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Ash Blackstar

Ash Blackstar

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Posted:For the etherial connection to this world, and the one beyond ours, for the joy of watching a childs face light up, for the feeling of not so much controlling the fire, but of working in harmony with something I consider alive. For the encredible peace it gives me, as I slip into a trance with it.

Ash Blackstar

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, But Whips and Chains excite me"
"Only way to deal with Drama, heavy weaponry and a strong does of grow the Hell up"

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:I have had three 'ages' in my twirling life.

first came the age of 'self'
fire for me, cus it looks, sounds and was cool. It was used to impress. The rewards exceeded what i now honestly consider to be shallow motivations. upstaging others dims their happiness flame to engulf my own.

second came the age of 'others'
Entertaining others was an amazing, selfless buzz. I would twirl less, and more humbly, so that as many people as possible could *BEST* enjoy this beautiful art. It was here that the adage 'you get out only what you put in' was proven to wonderful effect, and a galaxy of loverly people entered my life and still spin in orbit.

now i am in an age of 'fire for the sake of it'
Twirling becuase of my love of fire, man! Now i don't care if no-one's watching. Fire is still a gift given as a perfromance, but now, the audience could be an empty cliff, or a desolate car park. I just twirl now to connect - just what i'm still unsure, but the feelin's there

Never has a pastime been so fulfilling, but constantly buying firewater is a real drain...

spin, spin, sugar!

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HoP Mechanical Engineer
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Posted:The evolution of Brody's fire spinning reasons:

1.) "Hey, that looks cool!"
2.) "This can teach me how to dance."
3.) "This will make my shoulders look great."
4.) "This helps me deal with the things in my life that are going badly."
5.) "I have a gift, I should share it with the world!"
6.) "This can teach me a lot about running a business."
7.) "I can get others interested and spread the art."
8.) "I don't care about impressing others, about my own shortcomings, about how sexy I look or how many people care what I do. I don't care whether I'm paid a huge sum of money or just listening to the sound of fire racing past my ears in solitude. I no longer care whether I'm the only spinner around or if there are a hundred others shaming me with better tricks. I have fire, and I dance with it, and that is really all I desire from it. The other stuff just kinda follows... it's like love, ya know? When there's happiness and excitement yeah it's there, but it's also there when it seems like that's all you have to cling to amid the anger, pain, and pessimism events in life."

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Posted:-When I first saw some girls fire dancing i thought it looked soo pretty I admired their talent to do somthing almost mystical to me. Something I thought I would never be able to do.
-Then later on my own, I was drawn to a want to spin glowing objects around.
-Then i discovered that people liked to watch me as I once did to others.
-Then I learned awe of the sound, smell and touch of fire and a whole new world of excitment was egnited withiin me.
-Of corse the ultimate became when, as I am enjoying myself, that enjoyment is reflected back to me in the wide eyed faces of people enjoying what I'm doing. SHaring joy AND Seeing it's contageousness leading to desire which then leads to learning. In succesfuly teaching and watching the creation of their own self sustained joy!
-Learning new tricks is verry fulfilling...on the same token not learning a new trick can be very frustrating. Infact seeing so many people around getting better than me was quite depressing.
-Then I realized why I started in the first place..because i liked spinning stuff around and making cool patterns. So it doesn't matter how good I am as long as I am enjoying myself. No matter what crap is happening in my life and no matter where on earth I am, when I'm spinning I am at peace because I feel like i'm am "where" I'm supposed to be!
(This feeling I also found familiar when I'm -reg.-dancing and in "the zone")


B. like nobodieswatching.... oh no wait, I'm not watching! My eyes are shut *crash* hehe oops sorry did I bump into you? *blush*



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Posted:Spinning is a ground for me. I got into it in the first place due to the draw that fire has always had over me. Now...I use it to step out of my everyday world. I can leave every single thing behind...from frustrations to joys that get my emotions in overdrive. It's like, there has to be a point where there is a balance, if only brief. When I spin, there are only 3 things I can focus on: the earth below me, the music in my ears and the fire in my hands. For those few minutes, my body can relax from the ups and downs of everyday life. Only 4 days ago was my very first "performance" if you wanna call it that. I've been on stage my whole life but the little audience of 40 or so people absolutely blew me away. I was so focused on what I was doing for a few friends at a party that when I finished, I realized how many people had gathered and they were actually clapping for me (not a whole dance company- but actually for me). After that focus and concentration, to come out of it with people standing around applauding something you just did - all I can say is wow. Who needs drugs when you can have that. Heh, and I lack any real talent. I can't imagine what it is like for those of you who do it professionally.


Without further guilding the lily and with no more ado, I bid you farewell and sweet dreams...


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