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Posted:Well, it's been a long time since i've posted here, but believe me when I say i've been doing a crazy amount of practicing. I've gotten better then I ever thought I would, and now I wouldn't mind performing at a club, rave, party, whatever comes along. My question is this...What's the best way to get started? I've already assembled a 10 minute video (I figured it would be a good stop) so what would be the best move from here?

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Posted:good job, Phyzerium!

(1) got a webpage, in addition to any HoP photo page? so prospective clients can check you out and show you to other decision makers as they think about hiring you & work through your details? so they can get their general questions answered without all asking you over & over again?

we're just now redesigning our site and moving it slightly, but we offer free full-scale webpages to all HoP members, regardless of where you are, and our site is having a whole module next month on bookings added (besides an existing page for SoCal bookings specifically).

you can post samples from your video, photos, even a slide show.

give me a few days to complete the format, & i'll give you where to go when it's live.

then it's time to get together possibly:

(2) a printed-out page sheet on yourself, like a bio/ flyer/ talent offer/ list of what you can do & suggestions of where (birthday & office parties, festivals, clubs, etc.)

(3) around you in MI, are fire performers being booked regularly now? check with clubs & others who are already using other talent, they may like variety on different nights, & those who want but don't have a performer.

(4) prices are always going to be negotiated & per-event basis, but do you know how much you're going to charge? willing to do some cheap at first to get a reputation? make sure you get pics & quotes or little reviews from your first clients.

(5) got a contract? we just got mainly done getting in all kinds of contract samples from veterans in and out of HoP, we'll be next month lauching a full Contract Resource Center online, but until then, e-mail me for any help i can be with contracts for you.

(6) what we get about insurance so far is, mainy clients are reassured if you have some, but in practice, including litigation if something goes wrong, the injured party's attorneys will prefer to go after the more substantial client & their bigger insurance in case of doubt. it might be useful, medical, if you're injured. what clients and you care about, however, is liability; what you are on the line to pay others if you damage them. your contract should try to put the burden on the client, not you.

(7) a regular spotter who will work with you as a business, for a price or out of love & friendship, but who either way is trained, attentive, and capable? got the proper safety equipment?

howzat for starters?

~ Mike & SoCalFire

molten cheers,

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