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Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Member Since: 28th Mar 2002
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Posted:is there anyone out there who has spun in synchronisation (how awesome is that word?!) with another person? i ask because at the end of each year, my gymnastics club puts on this disply day thing, and this year the theme is circus and since im the only one in the club who does circus skills, theyve got me teaching the rhythmic gymnasts to juggle and stuff, so we now have a combined display of circus and rhythmic which is looking quite good so far. (you with me still?) anyway, we've got hula hoop, acrobatics, juggling etc, and theres me and one other person who can spin, so we wanted to do poi on each side in sync, or together in the middle. so my question is, has anyone ever had to figure anything like this out before? is it easier to use the music or just use visual signals and stuff? any other tips or ideas for the display? suggest anything, we're working with gymnasts here...

thanks for hearing me out if youve got this far!

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Location: NorCal
Member Since: 17th Jun 2002
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Posted:when i visited CA Pozee got me hooked on the concept of doubles and i've been putting what he showed me to good use...
of course you can do the weave back to back then have one person lean back while you lean forward, then alternate, turn (each person turning an opposite way) then you're in reverse weave together. You can also do facing weaves where one person is weaving "inside" the other's weave, just have to get the timing right on this one or you whack each other.
If you look on COL3 you can see pozee and veronica doing doubles, once you get your brain wrapped around the whole thing it's just getting in rhythm with the other person. if you don't have those videos, basically they each have one poi,stand close face to face and then weave, turn, butterfly, thread the needle all as one. You can also stand face to face doing butterflys then one person goes high, one low, stretch your arms out like for a giant butterfly but instead stall them and bring them around behind your partner and into reverse butterfly. lots of fun. i've been using this stuff a lot and get great crowd reaction, my only problem has been finding a good, consistent partner (isn't that always the case? )
Thanks pozee!
hope this helps

"Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals"

~Charles Baudelaire

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Member Since: 28th Mar 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:Wow, thanks! I'll take it in and consult! sounds like it could be awesome, but i might ahve to learn some coordination first!
I'll let you know how i go...

Location: england
Member Since: 7th Nov 2001
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Posted:use 4 time
- if you get to choose the music -even better

do 4 weave moves -sync'd
4 butterfly
and on ...
off time is best as when you are facing eachother timing is opposite -
left 2 partners right hand
right 2 partners left hand...

let us know how it goes


Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Member Since: 28th Mar 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:its going great now thanks to you!
we had already kind of automatically going in '4 time' which has been working, but we havent put it to the music, which is Alegria from Cirque du Soleil.
Oh yes; there has been a minor setback, im on crutches . but we'll have a couple of weeks after im off them hopefully...


Laguna dude
Location: Laguna, California, US
Member Since: 24th Jul 2002
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Posted:be sure to tell us how it goes, adren@line, and fast healing to you!

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US


northern monkey

Member Since: 8th Apr 2002
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Posted:hug of death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(weave over the other person knelt in front of you who goes to stand as you go to kneel down!)
hahahahaha mucho fun, mucho wincing!

vic xx

ex-hop-aholic, now inconsistent lurker...

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Member Since: 28th Mar 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:are we both with poi here? im confused but it sounds painful!

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