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Posted:I've just ordered some LED poi from oddballs juggling shop online. I was just wondering if anyone has them and what they think of them.

Candy Cane Strobe Poi
These glow poi have a three colour strobe (rainbow) inside them. They come with finger loop handles and adjustable cord. All we can say is they produce an absolutely amazing strobe effect - long trails of multi-coloured balls, a bit like a string of lit up beads.
Batteries are included and are easily replaceable (LR1130/LR54).

We call them candy canes because of the multicoloured twist design.


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Posted:If there the ones i've seen I don't reckon much to how they glow. The strobe is just to quick, so unless you spin really quick or are in a very dark place you can't really see the colour changes. If they could slow down the strobe and keep the price I'd probably buy some.

To compare prices once you have them delivered, check out their contdruction and then go look at the price of "Rainbow Hacky Sacks" from anywhere else, I doubt you'll be 'buying' them again.

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Posted:Karen's got some of these. I quite like them, but I think you can do better. The 'absolutely amazing strobe effect' seems a bit ott to describe it. I reckon you're better off making your own or buying from elsewhere. But then, I am highly disillusioned with oddballs at the moment.

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Posted:And I wouldn't exactly call the batteries easily replaceable either as oddballs no longer stocked the batteries neither did Dixons, the pound shop, Chapel Market or Woolworths. Eventually found some in a jewlers but they cost me 18 to replace them all! Gayle told me about an online battery supplier so I'll find out which one it was.

Saying that they do leave pretty trails and are easily on and off-able and they are adjustable (although the toggle sometimes gets in the way!).

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Posted:Try here for batteries.
(I have no connection to the seller, other than as a customer.)




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Posted:This site looks good for batteries
.... not as cheep as brian's link

I haven't got any customer experiance with them though, but they have all the right models for all LED poi and are way cheeper than a jewlers

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