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Posted:Using a BUTTON as a handle has imo the advantages of

a.) A comfortable way of holding the Poi that allows an easy change of the way you hold the Poi (Some exampleas for different grips can be found HERE)
b.) Useful for catches since you "just" have to catch the chain/string between the fingers and the Handle will slip automatically back into your hand
c.) According to my experience the easiest way to connect Poys to a Meteor and back while spinning. The two buttons on strings work like hooks hug (A Thread discussing the connection of Poi to Meteor can be found HERE)
d.) They are normally quite cheap and last forever (Example for a USED LONDON DESIGN)

I dont wanna say too much - try it and find out for yourself weavesmiley



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Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:he is indeed miss 'poise smile

thank-you for those bavaria buttons mr house hug2

i've been too into double ended nets and throwing balls around to give them a go yet though...

cole. x

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Posted:....and I wanna thank you, mr. honey, for those buttons you put on my poi... hug2

......genius....hm.....yup meditate....sometimes at least wink.... hug

ps: remember the mousse and our next trip pleeeeease! rolleyes



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T wave

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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