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Hi all

I've been studying the use of complementary therapies in palliative care for a research project at Uni. I've been looking at how these often clinically unproven therapies are being integrated into conventional medical care for the dying, the reasons for it and the benefits of it e.t.c.

One of the things I've been up to is watching a therapist give reiki treatments to patients. I started talking to the therapist afterwards about the 'energy body' and if she can see it. She says she just feels the energy, but cannot see it.

I personally would like to believe that we each have an aura or 'energy body', but at the same time I don't like buying into things without a healthy dose of scepticism also. So I was wondering what you guys all think...

If anyone also wants to argue for or against auras, or give their personal experiences with 'energy', I'm interested in whatever you guys have to say.


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rozi ok the main jist of your argument seems to be that because its not 100% reliable it can't be tested to see if its real or not.

this isn't true we can very simply test such things all we have to do is show that they do better than random guess work.

BUT in all the tests and studys done over the last 80 years the phycics never do any better than you would expect from just random guess work in other words phycics perform no better than people just blindly guessing why should we beleave they have special powers when the same results can be acheaved by any random person off the street who doesn't have any powers.

also and most importantly can someone PLEASE explain to me why phycics only ever do things that can be done by magicians isn't that strange that everything phycics do can also be done by non-phycics

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A cynic might say it's because psychics are fundamentally doing the same as magicians/conjurers smile

On the other hand, it could just be that any genuine psychic feats, by their nature of being unusual, are naturally going to be copied by magicians cos they perform stuff that's unusual and has audience appeal.

There are examples of stunts performed by magicians that doesn't detract from the fact that they are genuine skills.

For example, Houdinis speciality of escapism and mastery of locks- common magical tricks, some genuine and some faked.

But also genuine skills used in reality by criminals, lock-pickers, safe-crackers etc.

Just cos conjurers incorporate it into an act, doesn't necessarily mean it's not real.

The supporter of psychic skills would of course claim that, when a psychic reads a mind- they're actually getting info from the mind by psychic means, whereas, when a conjurer performs mind-reading, they're simply using one of many well established tricks that fake it.

Though I would agree with you that the fact that psychic skills can be so well simulated, is justified cause for seriously investigating claims that they are real.

 Written by: robnunchucks

if people realy are phycic why do we not see any of them makeing use of it

why arn't all profesinal poker players phycic

why do we never see the headline phycic wins lottery

why do we never see the headline phycics averts terrorist attack

why arn't the worlds greatist and most respected doctors spirtiual healers

why dont the police simply use a phycic to ask the murder victim who killed them

and why do phycics only ever use there powers to perform feats that can be replicated by magicains i dont know about you lot but that sets off alot of alarm bells for me

It's 'psychic', not 'phycic' smile

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 Written by: Stout

Do treatments like acupuncture and reki actually play a role in positive thinking your way to better health? maybe. I have a suspicion that this is where their true healing power lies.

This is what came out of my research into Reiki at the Hospice... it definitely had an effect on the patients and made them feel better, even though the mechanisms for this remained unknown. I had to do a lot of reading on the placebo effect and all the different factors like attitudes, beliefs and settings, that can influence the outcome of a treatment. One study by Spiegel et al showed that a group of women who attended a support group for breast cancer nearly doubled their survival times compared to a group who did not receive such support.

It really is quite stunning how many different factors can influence the outcome of a treatment, wether drug-based or not. One thing that complementary/alternative medicine may be able to contribute to medical science is to promote a more holistic approach to health - caring for the whole person, not just the illness (which many good doctors and nurses already do, I know - but it is at odds with the old-fashioned approach of medicalisation which objectifies the human body).

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The power of community! Good times.

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