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DJ Dantana
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Posted:I have a radio shack piano keyboard, that has a USB output, and a driver, to make the computer recognize it as a MIDI input.

I need software to record what I play on the piano, and edit "tracks" redface

freeware is a bonus.

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Posted:What computer are you using?

If you're on a Mac then Garageband is very good.

I've heard good things about AGNULA for linux. (

As far as Windows goes - I'm sure there are a load of shareware things out there. I doubt you'll get much for free though - but I could be wrong.

Good luck, and let me know what you end up with as I've been asked this before!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I thought all windows software was free? shrug



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Posted:it completely depends on what genre of music u want for production eg (reason 3 or logic 5 for psy), or live mixing capabilities (Ableton Live)

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Posted:Goldwave is pretty good, as far as im told.

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