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Posted:hello everyone,
i figured that this would not be the site to post this , but as i was looking thru a video called SlackinEd , i was totally intrigued by this juggler call Ian who was doing club spinning on his fingers..does any one noe where i can find futher info on club spinning or him ? i personally do poi and torching swinging myself....thought it would really be cool if there are ways i can learn this, as i had been trying out for a frustratingly long time with my clubs...=(
Thanks ,

Ps : i can spin a pen ...does that help? haha....

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Posted:Darren, check this out:
that might be of some interest to you.

also, my videos have a little club spinning,

good stuff!!



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Posted:Hi darren,

Nice post, if only I had the time wink Check the club/torch swinging thread there were some early post by someone called iain and others who I think did a bit of spinning. The only other suggestion is the Gandini video
Oh, and I wouldnt be surprised if young Josh has a few spinning tricks up his sleeve.

cheers smile

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Posted:dear all

thanks guys .those are really helpful , will pursue on for the art of spinning ! =)


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Posted:click this -->





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Posted:Hey darren,

Cheers very much - i'll take this thread as a compliment!
It took me ages to learn the stuff on meg's vid. A good place to start if you're a juggler is to do a few flourishy spinny things every time you drop. The two basic things i do are - .......... em - (thinking.....) thumb spins and finger spins.

Thumb spins : hold club normally, fat end goes around back of thumb and lands in palm. It takes quite a while to get this going continually - or at least it took me a while!

Finger spins : one finger (either first or second) stays in contact with the club and the others help it round. Try holding club between first 3 fingers (sort of tripod - 1st out, 2nd in, 3rd out) fat end pointing in to you - let fat end turn towards you and catch.

That's about as best an explanation as i can give - a lot of it is just made up stuff - if you can spin a pen just try transferring the ideas to clubs.

Best of luck and thanks for the comments about the vid - put a big smile on my face!


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Posted:Thought I'd add this one for good measure.

When I borrowed a drum kit I got better at spinning the sticks than I did at drumming.

I can do the trick where the stick spins inbetween the index and middle fingers quite well with a club(and the reverse way but badly). Never seen anyone else do it wth a club but its so basic it must get done alot.
dunno about the other one....


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