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Posted:woah...Haven't been to this site in at least two-three months...So I decided to drop by to say hello to all my old HOP buddies
and now I'm out

woah...chekk all the new smilies

Every morning I wake up and hit the ground yawning...

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Hello Organised Kaos!!! How are you?

I can see you like our new smilies. Malcolm has given us many new toys to play with

What have you been up to in these three months?

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...



back from the dead...sort of
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Posted:Hey Kaos!
Been a while man!
The toronto scene has exploded! Do come out sometime, we'd all love to meet you! Check out the new thread in the events section for details on the brand-spankin new venue that has been secured for our winter spinning needs!


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