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Posted: Hello, I've recently moved to Edinburgh and am trying to locate where and when the locals go out to Poi. I've heard rumours that there are meetings on Mondays in the Meadows, but I've no idea where or at what time. Having strolled through the area this evening I couldn't see anything doing. I've been learning Poi on and off in St Andrews for the last year, but I badly need to practice as I'm a bit rubbish. Can anyone help please?

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This is the official Ed Fire thread:
As you can see we'll have some Glaswegians there next week, I'll definitely try and make it. We're usually just off the Middle Meadows Walk, to the right side if you walk towards Marchmont. Time's depending on who's going and when it gets dark, if you're there at 10.30 you should see some people smile
See you Monday?

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