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What is the most impressive move you can do? At the moment mine is the 4-beat windmill or 4-beat corkscrew =)

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i guess the best move i can do it butterfly flowers, I'm still a n00b really ubblol

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VipesBRONZE Member
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Mine is trifoil antispin flowers (poi forwards, arms backwards). Thanks go to Nick Woolsey and his focus points workshop at Play for giving me the tools to get that one!

I was at that workshop too!

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DarkFyreBRONZE Member
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My best move is someting along the lines of a fountain but with 18bts (7bt isolation weave > Windmill > Rev 7bt isloation weave > Windmill > back to the begining).

I luv trasitional moves

Next up would be my Butterfloop (inside or out)

Then my 4bt Rev TTN with mini throws.

Soz that I posted three moves but i couldn't decide which was the best.

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arachnesweaveBRONZE Member
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I have to say I'm rocking the 3 beat weave and the overhead butterfly. Mind you, I'm a newbie - have been poi-ing for only a couple of months. On average 3-4 hours per week if lucky. I love it so!! ubblove
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My coolest stuff is all fairly simple poi with cool ballet bits underneat. I've found a chasse-passe-tourjete combo while just doing a basic spin on a wheel plane works really well and travels a lot. For leaps though, I like to do a barrel turn (turning over on my side in midair) while spinning. I also like to start a performance by doing some random spin while doing pas de boure cause that's what everybody thinks of when they think "ballerina" and that's kinda my schtik. It's an excelent opener and the little kids love it! It's also deadly easy to turn with either 180 or full 360s.
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fanged_angelBRONZE Member
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3bt weave but instead of bring the poi back across my body i throw the left one over my head catch it and then go into 5bt weave, brilliant when it works, disasterous when it doesnt........

ImbalanceGOLD Member
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Most impressive? dunno how you would judge that exactly, really it depends on who's point of view you wanna take. The ones that always get a big oohh and aaahh from the crowd are my Poi Matrix (sometimes extra spins thrown in) or a bent over backward buzzsaw, usually kneeling, with head touching ground. But neither of these moves are terribly hard to do once you learn em.

To me, my most impressive move at the moment would have to be a half waistwrap to behind the back under the leg (under crotch?) step back into outward overhead throw down into 5 beat weave. Not exactly one move... but its one combo i've been working on....

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atm probs butterfly, angel wings, butterfly, giant butterfly , butterfly btb

i an also do corkscrew and chasing sun in reverse
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MikefromGlosSILVER Member
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atm i would have to say my new most impresive move to me anyway would be a alternative forward and backwards spin then releasing the one of the poi when its behind ur back and (correct me if i am wrong on my termology i think its a whip catch but i ent sure)then swinging the other poi so it catchs the poi nice and low and then i catch it when the other poi releases it.

That and also probebly just a chase followed by a realese and catching it with the poi again

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_G_SILVER Member
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Umm, at the moment I think it's the nunchuku style stalls and double outward stalls.
Some people like the same direction through wraps.
Antispin flower stalls

You can spend hours playing with minutes!

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_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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mike, that is a whip catch.
speaking of whip catches, my current favorite is that whip catch durbs tried at the end of his routine at PLAY (throw one poi normally, and catch it with the other poi spinning horizontally, while pirouetting)

also a butterfly hybrid (antispin + giant) to a double lined up stall, into butterfly buzzsaw fountain isolation (does this have a name? same for the lined up stall.)

This_EnergyBRONZE Member
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the three things i am most proud of are a 7 beat without wraps, behind the back 5 beat, and the weave variation of the hyperloop. ive been learning and praticing throws and cathes and passing but havent got them down well quite yet haha

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faith enfireBRONZE Member
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I don't know if it's a move but doing almost all my moves in full renaissance garb and only hitting myself once

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PetalchildSILVER Member
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I've recently just starting spinning poi so at the moment it has to be the butterfly I'm impressed with myself smile

MikefromGlosSILVER Member
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poiboy : thanks i was a little unsure on it... For some strange reason all the people in gloucester keep telling me off for doing moves like that but then again it might be cuz they just cant do them is it just gloucester or is there some kinda stigma attached to relase moves?

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Skrytinn_QveldrigaBRONZE Member
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i just learned hyperloops and kinda getting my head round the basics of hybrid stuff lol

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squidBRONZE Member
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I was asking some folks this question after they had seen a few burns. They were most impressed by two sets of moves:
- isolated buzzsaw fountains
- reverse butterfly to a single toss (straight up high) to a catch and immediate wallplane spiralwrap.

Me? Im more impressed with being able to do buzzsaws behind the back and head and buzzsaw weaves between the legs and somersault into a sitting position.

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