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Posted:hey guys, si here from sheffield here.. in matt and lolli's busyness and due to the problems with poiinthpark.net at the mo we havent really managed to ascertain when to hold pip this month.. i'll be heading down to the park with mr tim this saturday and next just incase but if ppl can let me know when they would prefer to host it <bearing in mind falmouth..> then hopefully we can arrange everyone to be there on one specific date, preferably the sat after this one.

anyone who'll be definately attending please contact me asap so we can get some planning going on. have fun and we'll see ya in the park :-)

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Posted:Definitely on for this after the double whammy missing of PLAY and BrJC....

Count me in!

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Posted:ditto - and i'll have a new staff! get in! grin

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Posted:Hi everyone.

Just a last minute update for all of you who are planning to attend this year.

Buses running from the station up to the park are as follows: No. 65, 272 & 218 all run on a regular basis from the travel interchange, just to the right of the station out of the main exit.

As far as the schedule is concerned, if the weather is good then things will be running as planned on the flyers. We will be spinning during the day in Endcliffe Park as normal, then going to the hall where we can leave bags and other equipment, and the fire show will be held in Weston Park (a few minutes walk from the hall) for ease of access should the weather not be fantastic by then.

If the weather is bad we have the option of going to the hall from 5pm, and will have the daytime show inside and then venture out for fire in the evening if the weather allows.

Any problems running up to, or on the day, give me a shout on 07732084463.

Also, we will be looking for people who might be up for doing renegade performances during the daytime show as some of the artists still have not confirmed.. If you have a routine you would like to do please let me know in advance or ASAP on the day, and you will be rewarded with food and beer.. :-)

Other than that, i wish you all a safe journey here and look forward to seeing you in the park on Saturday. :-)

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