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Posted:I haven't tread these waters in awhile, but thought I'd drop by and drop a link to my new fire video. It's got poi and whip in it. It was recorded about a month ago and looks really elementary compared to what I've learned since then, but oh well... it's still fire...

Marius Greyedge's Fire Video

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Posted:liked the fire whip stuff!

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Posted:yeah, loved it.

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Posted:Nice vid dude,

A few friednly tips before i have to rush out for work, your planes need ot be worked on a bit, maybe try spinning with a wall on one side and then try it with the other side?

Try moving around a bit more you were very on the spot, an audience likes movement and can make even simple stuff look good smile

Technical pointer try putting the camera on manual focus cos often with fire vids on auto focus is it gets blurry which happened in yours

I like the fire whips smile
i shall post more on thsi when im back

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