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Posted:hey, im not a raver or poi artist yet, but ive been really interested in it ever since my friend showed me his abilities with poi and ever since i saw something poi-ish at a dance i was at.

What im looking for, is these LED balls on chords (i guess, as i said, im new to the whole poi thing) and anyway, the balls were about the size of a quarter, maybe larger, in diameter, see thru, and contained an inner LED light.

Does anybody know what Im looking for? or can anybody help me out?



Carpal \'Tunnel

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deja vu



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:careful jon, you'll be accused of being nasty to newbies next. Charles is currently very ashamed with me eek


Carpal \'Tunnel
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We were all young newbies who knew no better once. But 7 times is impressive!

I've locked all these threads so anacrid1 can start again.

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