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Posted:I put a question to you. Is it a bad thing to not want all forms of humanity to learn our art? I do find myself cringing at the thought of, say, some of my work mates, who have seen me carrying my staff, saying..."oh, you'll 'ave to teach me, tha' sands wicked!", when I just can't picture twirling to 'Summer beats' or 'dance hits 2002'...d'ya know what I mean?

So are you a twirling snob or should everyone be spining and twirling?

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Posted:I love teaching people to spin... not that i'm really good enough too. However i also kinda liked it when i picked up my poi, and people when "what r u doing?" as opposed to now when people go "show me what u can do"... it was kinda nice to have that mystique thing going on...

hmm... i dont really know tbh... it seems to be a bit of a fad atm. Not necessarily a good thing


you have to let it all go... Fear, doubt and disbelief... Free your mind!

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Posted:Hello ... just to add some input to this discussion, I am including a link to a very interesting discussion we had a while ago


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Posted:It is the worry that ie's going to become a 'yoyo' kind of craze...I find that a little scarey.
I do love teaching people moves, when I got back from travelling with my staff, I taught all my closest friends.
I just don't want your average Luton rude-boy lighting his or her poi off the car they've just burnt out! (maybe it's just where I live?!)
Thanks for the link Cassandra! You're right, it's an interesting one!
Burn on!

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Posted:Jude although I believe everyone has the right to spin if they so please I kinda understand that you wouldnt want to be spinning at a big Abba praise party...

I think you just have to let it flow if you dont wanna teach them then dont its up to you. But at the same time it might help these people in some way so remember that it might make a difference ad it might be for the better...

Much lvoe and hugs, Drome




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Posted:quote:Originally posted by dromepixie:
Jude . . .I believe everyone has the right to spin if they so please [. . .]

I think you just have to let it flow if you dont wanna teach them then dont its up to you. But at the same time it might help these people in some way so remember that it might make a difference ad it might be for the better...

Much lvoe and hugs, Drome RIGHT ON, Jude, Drome's got it 101% right!

& while we're all tempted to b small-mindedly cozily fond of our own forms, our own kinda tunes, our own special circle of friends, let them go develop other styles of their own to fit other kinds of tunes & stuff, and while fads may come & go, how you n i feel da fire & how we spin to our tunes stays, we are the flame here.

what you're facin is a problem we're talkin about elsewhere too at HoP. did ya check out Ziara's Really peeeeeved thread yet?

when something gets popular, those who are already into it have to see how we grow -- become mentors for everyone else, or not, coz we don't care about them, or don't have the time & energy.

& you may not have the time or energy, and it is most of the time a distraction, coz you end up really closely liking only a few of those you teach, and only a few get skillz any time soon you're proud of yourself, those you like, those you don't mind, and those whose guts ya can't stand.

me, i'm nuts, you have to understand, i help my enemies without reservation. not against anyone else, mind you, just equally with all strangers, and strangers equally with friends, as much as i can. i know, i'm a sap, dude, right? but not at all naive, i do it as my stance, my offering, and don't even expect karma will even it out while i'm breathing air and Baccardi 151 (haven't done that yet, but recently found out paraffin ain't good for my particular lungs, eh).

so i also know very well, ya ain't got 1 right answer for your own attitude & policy, dude.

much respect,

~ Mike

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molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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Posted:inclusiveness sets the firetwirling community apart, amongst other things. Every sport and hobby has it's advantages and fun factor, but at the end of the day, it's the feeling of inclusiveness that keeps me coming back.
As if often the case, to recieve friendship you must freely give it too!

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Posted:turning your nose up at some people for trying it isn't gonna make them stop. it's probably gonna do a number on them emotionally and possibli mentally though.
act through love and only good things can come of it.
and those that arent't into it for the longrun will soon fade outta the scene.
such is life.
and such is all fads (yes, poi is at this point a fad)

anything that is cool (ie poi, raves, assorted cheeses, etc.) will always become a fad. especially one that is pretty darn noticable.. (ie balls of fire flying throught the air)

think why you were/are attracted to fire spinning, that appeal isn't solely yours to own. you should be happy that it's gained such an interest and that something you love is loved by many others as well. not selfishly want it for your own..
same goes for relationships.. lol

done and done



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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:hehe Twirling snobs hehe

naw I think that if you wanna spin, spin! I have no problem letting drunk idiots slur "I can do that" and then watch them smack themselves in the nuts hehe.

If it makes my day better by causing them pain I say go for it.

I wonder why I dont have many friends?

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Posted:spinning is something that anyone can try but it takes talent and practice to not look like an idiot



Ash Blackstar
Ash Blackstar

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Posted:I believe that if you want to spin, then do so. However I will admit that there are times I've looked at someone and for a few moments thought ""Oh god, do I have to." Just hold those thoughts in and give it a try. Who knows, they may take it places you never dreamed off, and may actually enjoy.
Love and kisses

Ash Blackstar

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Posted:Thanks Guys, you're all right, of coarse.
Spinning is the most cathartic thing I've ever done, when I take out my staff I channel all my energies, and am smiling inside and out the entire time, who am I to hold that back from anyone, in fact it would give me pleasure to see others taking pleasure from it, and of coarse there's the pain side to, which is always worth a giggle!
I'd just like to say what a lovely bunch you all are, my mind has just been opened to a whole different way of thinking..sounds a bit dramatic but realy, what was I thinking?
Thanks Guys!

Go Hard, Stay Up Forever!


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Posted:i can relate to what you were saying though, Jude. but first id like to say, who wouldnt want to learn poi? its the best! but anyway, like i was saying, when i started learning and could finally pick up a few things i taught all my really coordinated gymnast friends who picked it up twice as fast as i did and i was like "hey, thats my thing!" so now, although i do love to teach other people, i try and avoid the people that make it look easy!
reading back on what i just wrote, i sound really awful and pigheaded, but i cant really think how to write the way i see it down, so if this post makes no sense, feel free to ignore it and go eat nutella.


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Posted:i know i wouldn't have gotten started properly and safely in this art had not an already talented spinner handed me his staff and showed me the basics. How many people would have?


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Posted:Actually, deep, I learned entirely off this website. The first time I lit up I'd never even seen anyone else do it, so the thrill was two fold. Seeing *and* doing it for the first time!

'tis why I love this place. I couldn't have done it (and indeed, I'd have never even found out about it) without the advice and help of everyone on this board. HoP rules!

Back on topic...

Good conversation...the only thing I'll add is that personally I don't agree with the yoyo analogy. Yoyos are a novelty that got out of control. Maybe poi is getting out of control as well, but it's not a novelty. A novelty is something that doesn't have attractive qualities apart from it's initial appeal, and poi has many characterististics ( ) that make it a attractive beyond the appeal of seeing fire spin around.

Ex. poi is relaxing! feeling the flow of move to move is undescribable and phenomenally calming. will your yo yo do this for you? no, it's a novelty! the only neat thing about it seeing people who are good at it do tricks.

For as much of a fad a poi may be, it will persist because it has more going for it than just being a fad.


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