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Posted:Just looking around for a set of fire poi and there are what appears to be a blithering amount of different types. just curious which kinds you guys all use and which you'd recommend, as it's fire i'm playing with i don't want to get anything dodgy or unsafe. oh and chains as well, smooth or chain linked?

thanks for any help smile smile

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Posted:Each one of those: wick type, chain type, safety factor and beginner poi are major topics on their own. You can probably find 50+ threads on each by searching the technical discussion forum.

It all boils down to what equipment you prefer. Spin as many different types of poi as you can to get an idea of what you like. Your likes and dislikes will probably change as your skill improves. Most spinners here heavily customize their fire poi sets or build them from scratch to get exactly what they want.

Hope that helps, and welcome to HoP weavesmiley

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Posted:definately, time to get off searching the forums smile


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Posted:ps welded chain link with 2 swivels per chain, one at each end of the chain, shorter than every book or site recommends by about 3 inches. You knows you loves it.

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Posted:This is for technical section frown
b) Monkey fists

Monkeys have the nicest shape, but takes a lot of rope.
Cathedral, when cube shaped are nice too.




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Posted:I just bought my first set of fire poi yesterday and they are cathedrals, I am waiting on pins and needles for them to get here.

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Posted:use stainless steel ball chain for the smoothest feel when spinning. Heads have got to be Monkey Fist (personal preference) or Cathedral (seems pretty popular)

I started a survey on chain type and length here

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