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Posted:Today I chipped my tooth while trying to pry open a stubborn quick link with my mouth. This is third time I've done it. why do I not learn?

Each time it's because the poi have broken or something and I have to open the quicklink to fix them. And each time, it's when I've made a special trip to the park and unless I fix it, it's a waste. *And* each time I swear I'm going to put some pliers in my kit when I get home, but I never do!...

It doesn't hurt, and it doesn't look any different, but I keep playing with the rough surface with my's driving me up the fricking wall...

has anyone else done anything like this, or do HoPers generally have more common sense than I do?

::off to find a dentist or a nailfile, whichever is cheapest::

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Posted:tried to open a beer bottle with my teeth once... cut the inside of my cheek open pretty bad...

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Posted:never been that stupid but giving you a warm tender hug and kissing your cheek to make pain go bye bye

shine on

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Posted:Sounds like just the type of thing i would do!
...but luckily i havent done it yet!

Reminder to Paddy: take pliers with you

Love Alice

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Posted:frequently that stupid. as mentioned in the Pulled Teeth thread, have front-tooth chip myself in shape of the cross-section of a sewing needle. know what the dentist does, hang all those diagrams of tooth layers? just files it down, if you want any help, and you can even do that as an amateur, just watch for sanitariness.

sorry to hear She got ya, lady luck!

keyboard? whoa, that's advanced, Paddy, i'm still on pens!

maybe your new shape gives you better grip on quicklinks in the future (* grin *)

aye, tis a shame and a glory

~ Mike

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molten cheers,

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I am sorry to hear that... I have luckily never had that problem even though I have been known to open beer bottles with my teeth many times.

I hope it get better and for goodness sakes get them plyers in your bag they are good for your health...

Much love, Drome



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Posted:Owie! I haven't personally done that (although I wouldn't put it passed me). But I've done a plethera of stupid things in my life and if it'll make you feel better I'll PM you one.
Take good care of it, honey.
Big kiss on the cheek and hugs.

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Posted:I've chipped (read: snapped in half) both of my front teeth at the same time on six different occasions.


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