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arsnHow do you change this thing???
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Taj Phoenix Nate ...


Taj and arsn

Born. 11 July 2005

Time. 0947

Wieght. 7 pounds 12 ounces

Today was one of the happiest days of my life. Today I was able to hold my first (only) child, Taj. As may heart 'burst' open as I held him, he reached out to hold my thumb, his little tiny hand, with fingers the size of my thumbs nail. (I thought this only happend on the TV.). I truthfully began to cry with complete joy. I now am beginging to understand the strengh behind a fathers love and 'he's my little boy'.

Valura and Taj are now resting in hospital peacefully. Both doing well. This day has had me floating all day, I couldn't have thought of a better person to help me nurture this child with than Valura, I love you... hug ubblove

Thank you. biggrin hug

I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear. "You mean I'll have to use my brain?... but I use staff!!!" ~ ben-ja-men

_Aime_SILVER Member
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bounce bounce

hope mother and baby are all ok!

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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A fabulous day indeed!

Give Valura my love and give that little one a big kiss from me.

I now have a HUGE grin all over my face.

I love good news and news doesn't come any better than this!

hug hug hug Feed me Chocolate!!! Feed me NOW!

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Congratulations Arsn and Valura! hug
And welcome to the world Taj bounce2

squarexbearSILVER Member
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kermitoverlord and maggot king
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may happiness be in your heart.

love to mother and child

Kermit welcome back to kermits mad land. wont you join my teaparty.

MynciBRONZE Member
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Good on yer, nice to see happy things.

good luck to all 3 of you. hug A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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And may I offer a most heartfelt:


(Hebrew for "congratulations!") -Mike
Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

A buckuht n a hooze! -Valura

flidBRONZE Member
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congrats! smile

.:star:.SILVER Member
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Congratulations bounce2 bounce

blu_valleySILVER Member
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Congrats you guys! "I want to know if you can see beauty even when it's not pretty, every day,and if you can source your own life from its presence.." - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

VixenSILVER Member
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Wow!!! Big congratulations!!!, huggles and snuggles to the 3 of you, glad to hear everyone is ok (if a little emotional!) cant wait to see the pictures! xxx tHeReS gOoD aNd EvIl iN EaCh InDiViDuAl fIrE, iDeNtIfIeS nEeDs AnD fEeDs OuR dEsIrEs.

arsnHow do you change this thing???
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Thanks everybody... this is also going to explain Valura's absence for a little while to, as she doesn't have a laptop in the hospital... ubblol at Valura, I know she's going to miss it here... wave hug I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear. "You mean I'll have to use my brain?... but I use staff!!!" ~ ben-ja-men

Helz BellzSILVER Member
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bounce2 Congratulations!!! bounce2

I'm sooooo pleased for all three of you! You've just been given the most amazing gift. Look after each other, and please please please can we see pictures soon ubblove

I'm a very happy Princess! biggrin

Love to you all

ubblove hug ubblove Live well, love much, laugh often... Official O.B.E.S.E. cheerleader

arsnHow do you change this thing???
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hug I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear. "You mean I'll have to use my brain?... but I use staff!!!" ~ ben-ja-men

Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Oh congratulations!!

Yay!! bounce

So glad to hear all is well with them both biggrin

hug2 kiss hug2

edit: oh and the 11th is a very cool day to be born on ubbangel
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RoziSILVER Member
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Wow. Not many words but lots of biggrin and smile and ubblove and ubbrollsmile and ubblol and hug.

Take care all of you, and enjoy this time. It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

TheBovrilMonkeySILVER Member
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Congratulations biggrin

I'm going to have to start saving more money so I can come to visit and teach him words he shouldn't know - like 'marmite' wink

Hang on, this is only the 11th, isn't that earlier than you were expecting?

hug hug hug But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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Yayyy to mummy and daddy smile I'm so happy for the three of you smile

Please pass on many Princess hugs and kisses to your family Troy
hug wave

I'll be sure to toast a drink to you all tonight smile

Love and kisses
xx A kiss blown is a kiss wasted, the only kind of kiss is a kiss tasted. I'm a woman. We don't say what we want, but we reserve the right to be pissed off if we don't get it. That's what makes us so fascinating and not just a LITTLE bit scary.

FlyntSILVER Member
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*warm n fuzzy*

ubblove Currently on the right side up of the world.

roarfireSILVER Member
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OMG! How fantastic.

Congratulations!! .All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.

mycoBRONZE Member
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congratulations to you both. hug best of luck with your beautiful family.

Adya MiriyanaGOLD Member
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oh wow!! CONGRATS!!! bounce hug hug hug hug hug

DarthMeauxThe artist formerly known as Phae'xorl.
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Congrats!!!! Being a dad is the best thing ever, I am so happy for you!!! (even if I don't really know you) ubblol "...heaven is ordering a six piece chicken nugget and getting seven...and a switchblade."

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That's wonderful! Congratulations! beerchug The optimist claims that we are living in the best of all possible worlds.
The pessimist fears this is true.

Always make time to play in the snow.

BirdGOLD Member
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Congratulations!! bounce bounce2

Arsn, please pass on a hug and a kiss to your son, and to his lovely mother! biggrin My state of mind is not yours to define! There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

LazyAngelGOLD Member
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Congratulations! bounce bounce2 I wish you all a healthy, happy life together! hug biggrin Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

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=Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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Congratululululations!!!! bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2

hug to the ickle one and the exhausted one!!

Best of luck for the next 20 years!

bounce bounce2 hug grouphug hug bounce bounce2 ohmygodlaserbeamspewpewpew!

KaelGotRiceGOLD Member
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Congrats... DAD! wink To do: More Firedrums 08 video?
Wildfire/US East coast fire footage
LA/EDC glow/fire footage
Fresno fire

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Kombi guyBRONZE Member
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Big congrats to Valura & Arsn from the team here at HOP central across the ditch....... juggle weavesmiley juggle weavesmiley juggle

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NoddyToe Poking Bad Boy
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congrats arsn and valura!!!

hug Remember.........YOU LOSE!!!