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Posted:Hi all..
I have a dream I want to share with you, and maybe you guys can help me make it true.

Here's the deal.
I always, since I started performing pro with fire, wanted to go to Ibiza and become a resident fire-performer at a club for a season. Next summer, for example. sunny
I imagined myself performing each night at the club for a low price in exchange that the club provided me with a place to live for free during the stay.

I've been doing fire-eating, breathing, trailing and poi for about 5 years, and I think of myself as an experienced performer.

Do you think this is at all possible?
Have any of you done something like this?
Do you have any tips, contacts or advice on how to make this come true?

With Kind Regards
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Posted:If I were you I would fly out there for a weeks holiday and approach club owners this year asking them if they would book you as an act in residence next year.

Its always easier to do these kinds of deals face to face and also you can demonstrat your skills to them. There are loads of cheap flights going out there.

Good Luck with your dream hug

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Posted:I will PM you about this. smile

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Posted:Didn't recieve a pm... frown

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Posted:Written by: FlameChild

Didn't recieve a pm... frown

...yet smile

cole. x

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Posted:hello !
myself and four friends went to the magnetic isles for exactly this reason, about four years ago.
off we all toddled hopped ! (sic) on the plane and were wooshed into the sky wooh !!!
when we landed non of us had hardly any cash what so ever, and we all headed for camping san antonio, which was reasonably priced and even better let you pay as you could afford to aslong as the money was coming in they stayed pretty fluffy, when the money stopped (well beer and other things are so tempting when your on the party island) they became most fluffy and gave us minutes to get off site, personally i scored six or seven free weeks camping and the others scored between two to four weeks free each, it's not that we didn't intend to pay it just ended up forgotten, it's an exciting place after all !
ok so after being evicted from the camping and taking four other customers and a member of staff with us ! we squatted a donkey shed on the foothills near cala basa, which was fine as one of our new friends had a car and there were showers on the beach ! nice !
so on to working ibiza ! be under no illusion it's hard work and there are alot of people with the same idea all vying for limited pitches and club performances. many many many spanish twirlers just scruffed out in thier jeans and dreads, some very talented but the majority with a low skill level.
there is only one place to busk in san an with fire and that is on the tiny strip of beach infront of cafe del mar and cafe mambo, as i say competition is fierce and we ended up having to get to the pitch sometimes at around three in the afternoon just to get the first show ( best payer !) as other crews were taking the michael and just turning up at four putting a staff on a chair and buggering off again, thus reserving the first show ???? when challenged on this they became most agressive and unpleasant, so we just got there earlier than them. cafe del mar do not do retainers, cafe mambo do, but watch out for miguel the owner as he is a bit of a snake, nice guy will feed you and give you beer but a bit funny with the money, but he did fall in love with us and used to get his security to guarantee us sunset show everynight, which was nice ! ! this seems to be the way of the place. we did do most of our cash earning on that beach in san an, and without it ibiza would have been impossible. we would ona verage do three to six shows a night and this usually fed wtered and smoked the four of us for atleast a dya or two, if you go out three days in a row you can have a couple of days of style ! the other busking pitch that goes down well, but again that there is alot of and alot of competition for is statues, we converted one friend into a mud man using the wonderfull local red mud a milk crate and a sheet for loin cloth and box cover and he made a mint ! absolute best statue pitch is outside the gelateria by the harbour in ibiza old town, oh and the cops over there are more pro ststue that fire, although we only had minor brushes with the law a couple of crews did end up losing thier nights earnings to them ! which sucks !
ok, so nightclub work ! this is where it gets really hard to get money out of them ! we worked for judgement sunday, judge jules night, they paids small and occasional, but did give us a kinda residency. God's kitchen raped us for free shows twice so we left them well alone, manumission, which is all arranged through bar m in san antonio were pretty good, they incorporated us into thier stage spectacular, albeit not with fire but with aerotech (aerotech made a big difference to ust he as we were the only ones on the island with it, even got them to sponsor us with some free kit, nice !) and gave us regular fire pitches at bar m and paid well, so they rock !
did the annual mtv party which again cane through bar m, that was awesome and they paid but less than promised (you get used to that). thier is a wicked trance crew called "the tribe of frog" who are now permenant in ibiza (also based in bristol) look for frog the main man when we were there it was happening in a restaurant/bar called las dallias which is on the way to the hippy market on the north coast. they are awesome (the trance is a touch fluffy !!!! and they pay what they can afford but always pay ! we did various othet clubs that i can't recall who all who paid us variously or didn't !
at the end of the day we did as well as we did because we went with a cohesive look, sequenced routines, light toys and flame throwers ! we had an awesome time and all survived well, made alot of friends and had a ball. apart from the odd frustrating skint inner political moment of course !
at the end of season, i was still there with a spanish girl i had net eaking the last pesetas from the lst tourist, which got me to spain, where i busked from valencia to toreviecka (mispelt)
but mispelt torevieka is awesome for the busk !
and to top it all off i came home with fourty quid !!!! although i'm sure you can do better if you just save alittle !
i say go for it it is one hell of an experience, please excuse my spelling and lack of punctuation andif there is anything else you wanna know just ask 1
lots o love

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