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Posted:I figured this was just crazy enough to get some support around here smile

My girlfriend and I have come up with the crazy idea of trying to get her nearly-20 mini, Hubert, on MTV's Pimp My Ride UK.

You see, it's gotten to the point where the poor thing is rusting away to death and in a couple of years if not months we shall have to have him put-down. You can't ask us to do that to a car so cute, can you? So we came up with the bizarre idea of having him saved and turned into something new and (sadly) probably crass but a point from which we could keep him alive anyway.

So come to and show your support. It's just a signature.

Please help us!

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Posted:why not sell him to a good home

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Posted:Oooohhh dear!I have to be honest i'm a little skepticalo on the pimp my mini thang.i have an old morris meself and i believe that they should be kept the way they were made,but purely based on the fact you've got lyrics from an Ani Difranco song,i'll sign for ya!! ubblol ubblol ubblol




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Can't help but feel that the PMR crew will take all the old character out of that car and modernise it so that you won't be able to recognize it.
I love old cars, i hate it that they break down all the ubbrollsmile time, but they do rock.

ah wah wah wah a wah wah


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Posted:signed!!! biggrin good luck!

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smile! grin it confuses people!


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