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Posted:The other day while playing with buzzsaws I found that you can turn a buzzsaw 360 without transitioning to the opposite direction. If youve ever seen one of those crazy AA Yo-Yo videos, you probably know what Im on about. Start with a buzzsaw and begin turning with it, but instead of flipping it to reverse like usual, follow it with your body, almost as if you were doing a sommersalt along with it (although you arent actually doing a summersault). Youll have to basically turn your upper body upside down and then back again.

Although I havent tried it yet, it seems this also has applications in hyperloops. The yo-yo'ers use this to turn their tangled buzzsaw type moves without worrying about extra twists and such.

Anyway, this isnt anything amazing, but was something I figured someone may have a use for.

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Posted:there are no inside buzzsaws... buzzsaws cant be inside or outside because they have to be in between the hands.. so they are always inverted...

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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Posted:I agree there "Is no Inside Buzzsaw", but Buzzsaw always inverted...
nop there is no neither inversion nor inverted plane.

I see buzzsaw "transportable" but than we talk about Buzzsaw as spinnig between the hands ,no matter where they are.
I still see BTB Buzzsaw(Wheel plane).

That one Bluecat do in his vid can be called
Waist wrap Buzzsaw(just because of its position)
Anyway it do not describe fully the move, I meen
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