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Hi everyone,

I've done a search, but can find little on this. I do Fire breathing but not Fire Eating. This is because the impression I get is that you hurt yourself a lot more often doing fire eating.

Albeit, when you do Fire breathing, *if* it goes wrong you can seriously hurt yourself. but you tend to get a *lot* of low-grade burns from Fire eating.

So, from someone who does both, can they tell me about their experiences with which practice hurts more, most often?


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Firsty I teach and professionally perform all of the oral fire arts, as well as the majority of non fire & fire object manipulation, there are slightly differing perspectives on your questions, and as unhelpful this may sound, slightly different answers, check out the safety material on this site, since the oral fire arts are well covered. Put simply both disciplines eating and breathing carry in the main similar health risks, as well as specific injury and health risks which vary between the two arts, however from experience of performing fire eating specifically, if your getting a lot of 'low' grade or surface (first degree) burns well then it's predominantly a technique problem, this is not to say that performed 'correctly' fire eating or breathing can ever be 'safe' disciplines, only that there are techniques that 'reduce' the risks, bottom line is that the performer really shouldn't be burning themselves (low grade or whatever) with fire eating, well not on a regular basis.

From personal observation, i found teaching myself fire eating correctly to be more difficult than fire breathing, others will have different views on this.


If you want anything specific then send me a pm, with specific questions, which I'll either answer for you or get answers.