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The...Joker 91 posts
Location: Bristol

had the valour of spirit to get my tongue pierced last friday,you think in general that was a good idea?


ooh, an intrestin discussion!yu,,y smile

never ever EVER, poke me with that thing.

just my little joke. As always.

Ryz0rBRONZE Member
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Location: Manchester, UK

Written by: Long_Time_Coming

Ryz0r, you effectively had yours pierced twice? Surely if the bar came out the needle after he had put it through, your piercer could just put in back in the needle to take it through the tongue? Seeing as it's not actually the bar that pierces your tongue, but the needle...

I think the needles are like tubey things and the bar goes through the tube, and then he takes out the needley thing. I dno, i'd have to ask a piercer or something, all i know is that it hurt a lot!!

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loki.c1687SILVER Member
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Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

i have had mine done for awhile now,but still dont understand "its a sex thing" every-one thinks it is.Surly its not that good for women????i have allways foud it better just to use the end of the togue...anyone?
have i bought this to an un-destant level now????

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Poi_Ro 55 posts
Location: Manchester UK

i've had my tongue done twice now..

I mean I have 2 seperate bars in my tongue.. two seperate piercings smile

feels great looks interesting smile

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SparketteBRONZE Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

smile Heyas, I have had my tongue (and various other parts of my body pierced) I have plastic balls on the ends to minimise the damage to my teeth, seems to have worked so far.... going on 8 years... I love it, and I have only taken it out when I had to, but it doesnt close up very quickly.

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i8beefy2GOLD Member
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Location: Ohio, USA

I love them. Last two girlfriends have had them, they are very hot.

As for the sex thing... well they do have vibrating bars... Those are fun. Cept now my g/f is after me to get my tongue pierced... biggrin

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