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Hubert_CumberdaleSILVER Member
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I'm bored, I wanna go home.

I wish this [censored] weather would clear up.

I can't get out into the kitchen at work because there's a load of new starters out there being treated to a buffet.


aahh.. that's better, I needed that smile

Would anyone else like a bitch too?

Flame SwirlWeilder of the P.E.T.S.O.C.K.
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I know, but.... I'v tried... no poles of any sorts... frown
I even started twirling kitchen utncils when I was cooking last night. But thats really not the same.

offtopic sorry, now back to the bitching... wink

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MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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Let's talk about a 17-year-old female who is nuts, who wimpers and cries when I go near her arm, whether or not I have a needle, and who has the most improbable array of complaints...and yet she's got fever, enlarged liver and spleen, and lymph nodes.

And let's talk about a full hospital, a full ER, and a waiting room that seems to have infinite capacity.


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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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Lets talk about being glad that I'm not the lady with an enlarger liver and spleen. Lets talk about I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach, lets talk about not having someone waving a gun in my face, lets talk about not having to sleep on the street with hundreds of other small children scared that in the night the police will shoot me just so they can remove my body and make the streets look cleaner. Lets talk about not being tortured for my political/religeous beliefs. Lets talk about having the freedom to speak and say pretty much what I like. Lets talk about not having lost all my family to a freak tidal wave. Lets talk about not having to work at the age of 12 as a prostitute. Lets talk about not..........

Lets talk about how damn good we have it.

Sure we have niggling little bad things that happen to us and sometimes we have huge horrible things that happen to us, but in the main we all have a comfortable cushy life.

Sometimes I think we forget that!


This is not meant as an attack on anyone here.... we all sometimes like to have a bitch about our day. I just felt that maybe we need to remember how lucky we are too.
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NucleopoiBRONZE Member
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well yesterday i found out that i had definately lost my job.

my ex employer told me to ring her yesterday then when i spoke to her said it was me that wanted to prolongue it.she told me i was sacked and that i will learn a lesson from all this.

learn what exactly....that you get sacked for being depressed and with no prior warning ...well other than being told well done your doing that well.

then there was nothing really for me to do so it seems an excuse to get rid of nice.

The Tea FairySILVER Member
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Surely they can't sack you without a warning first unless you committed some kind of gross misconduct? Sounds very unfair. hug

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NucleopoiBRONZE Member
chemical attraction
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Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England

they did lol

they were unfair

what else can i do but move on lol

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