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Intrepid Penguin

Member Since: 12th May 2002
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Posted:Hi folks

Just a quick post from me, im planning to disapear for a few weeks. The reason being, that i have got quite a buildup of white noise in my head at the moment. Its due to an overload of verbal/written stimulation. I've had this happen to me before, and it's very distressing. I am unable to cope with language in any form. So i resort to depriving myself of it, as much as is possible.... No tv, no books, no fone calls. In a sense i lock everything away for a few weeks, until i can walk past a billboard without feeling nauseous.

Has anyone else felt this? I can only describe how it feels: When someone is talking to me, it feels like i am in a crowd, and everyone is facing me and yelling at me, but in another language, that i just cant understand. I can grasp the meaning, but none of the words.

When i am reading, its nausea. The words swim and the letters get mixed up and move on their own accord.

Music without words is fine, but anything in english is like im on a ship and im very very seasick...

And behind it all, is the sound of static in my head. Similar to the noise on your tv when there is no signal??

would be curious to know if anyone else has ever suffered from this. And apologies to everyone, i will be gone for two weeks minimum, while i get this out of my system. Apologies if this post makes no sense, i tried very hard to make it, at the moment, i get halfway through a sentance then lose all the words i was about to say. so its taken me nearly an hour to post this.

Much love, see you all soon, and will be reading up on this post when i get back

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Posted:^as above^

Take care, if you need me, you know where I am.

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Posted:I'm sorry to hear this darlin!!!
I'll be sending you my love and lots of happy vibes!!!!!
Get well babe.

I've had something similar but for me it was more of an overload of cognitive thought and my head felt like it was gonna explode. Lotsa meditation does the trick nicely.

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Posted:Hey!! You'd better come back real soon cause I'll miss you like crazy!!!

If you need anyone for anything, call Rozi she's a lot closer!!!!lol

Take care my little princess!!


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Liquid Cow
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Posted:I get something like this occasionally, but no-where near as bad as it sounds like it is for you.

I get it when things pop up in my life that just seem to complicate it, and everything goes into shutdown - I can't seem to get my point across to people, and find it really hard to understand what the hell is going on.
I end up sitting at home doing nothing for a while, trying to get myself back into a routine I know about.

I hope everything sorts itself out soon, here, have another

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Posted:Flynt - we had only just met - I shall wish you a good journey to the no white noise place - I may try to find solace in a smaller version as I know what you mean too..

Any way have a good one and see you when you get back..

Best wishes for quite..

I need spel chech...

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I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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hope the noise stops soon so you can hurry back to HoP.

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Posted:ditto to bender. Hmmmm.... See when that happens to me, i have a conversation wif it and then i ask it to leave.

Kurobei, I think you missed this factor quote: originally posted by Flynt No tv, no books, no fone calls.

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Posted:Hey Flynt

I had very similar syptoms during my Leaving Cert exams of all things. Felt like a knife was stabbing into my head, extremely light sensitive, amplified noise etc. At the time I thought it was migraine brought on by exam stress.

Pain was so bad I went to the doctor who told me that it was a virus. I had to down the books, take some pills that had me conked out for nearly a week. I had to come off the drugs for the exam s wear a baseball and sunglasses during.

Only thing to do is rest and NO computers. Get well soon and look forward to seeing you back on line

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Intrepid Penguin

Member Since: 12th May 2002
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Posted:thankyou everyone for your comments.

i was hoping someone else experienced this so i could have some hints on a more hasty recovery?

Kat, that sounds very intense! hope you passed your exams. I dont think mine is a virus, possibly just a byproduct of stress? as i have had it before, lead up to a nervouse breakdown four years ago. Cross fingers i can unwind now, as apposed to ending up a snivelling mess again.

xoxoxo to all, love you, hope to be back on permanently soon.

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Posted:Hiya Flyntomaster™!
Hope you're feeling ok!!? Sounds like maybe you need to have a good ol' fashion relax!

- my ear's are still all buggered from the flu, so it sounds weird to me when i talk (kind of vibrates my brain or something ) - We should hang out!!! I don't wanna talk, and you don't wanna listen!

anyway, Be well. -telekenetic hug-

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:heya flyntimus and falloutius, join us for the meditation and massage workshops at earthdance this weekend, cus it could really help make this thread redundant like a third nipple.

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