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Location: Bath, UK
Member Since: 5th Sep 2002
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Posted:I'm about to leave to go on tour with my cousin's band. I am of course taking my poi, as I would probably go nuts in two weeks without spinning.

Therefore, if you live in any of the cities below would like to come along to a gig, I will buy you a drink... and if there's time, we might even spin some fire in the car park.

Mon 7th ... Dublin Castle, Camden, London
Tues 8th ... Sam's Bar, Cardiff
Wed 9th ... Old Vic, Derby
Thurs 10th ... Angel, Nottingham
Fri 11th ... Castle, Oldham
Sat 12th ... Moriarty's, Hull
Mon 14th ... Joseph's Well, Leeds
Tues 15th ... Grapes, Sheffield
Wed 16th ... Cheese And Grain, Frome, Somerset
Thurs 17th ... Joiners, Southampton (homecoming)
Fri 18th ... Mr Smiths, Bournemouth
Sat 19th ... Man On The Moon, Cambridge

The band is called Scarlet Soho , and they are kind of indy-goth-rock-pop. I guess they sound a bit like Garbage.

Dunno if I'll post while I'm whizzing around the country, but maybe.

If you fancy it, text (or call, do people still do that?) me on nearer the day. As I'm only a lowly roadie I can't promise to get you in free, but most of them are only a couple of quid entry anyway.

Otherwise hope y'all have a great two weeks. I'm going to!

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Laguna dude
Location: Laguna, California, US
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Posted:congratulations on joining that tour. what will you be doing with Scarlet Soho, Magnus?

i put your Scarlet Soho link in my Favorites, & will check it out after some work i have this weekend, for a lil thrill.

when ya get big & tour the US, i'll buy you a drink myself, ok?

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

Location: Bath, UK
Member Since: 5th Sep 2002
Total posts: 279
Posted:Today is our day off, thought I would check the board.

Am having such a fun time, but going mental due to not having much time to spin!

So outside the venue in Hull last night I gave it a go, but unfortunately didn't really get into it due to trying to entertain the people sitting on the kerb.

It's so true that Really Fast Weave is the crowd pleaser!

(and if you are in Leeds, Sheffield, Cambridge, Southampton or Bournemouth, give me a shout! Dr Jon, Mark P, Ithaca, if you fancy the Frome gig, please come.. it's free!)

Magnus... pay it forward


Tantamount to fatuity
Location: Down the road
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Posted:Have you any idea where the Grapes might be in Sheffield?

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Location: Bath, UK
Member Since: 5th Sep 2002
Total posts: 279
Posted:80 Trippet Lane, wherever that is!

Here is a Map

Magnus... pay it forward


Oolering Man
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Member Since: 12th Jan 2002
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Posted:I'll try and rally some troops to come along and have a listen, I don't suppose they need a sound engineer at all?

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