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Posted:canon have just launched a new site designed to teach the basics of digital slr photography:

canon digital slr beginner's guide

i know a few of you have got one :greeneyedmonsteremerges: and although it only goes as far as the basics, it is clear and gives some handy advice so i thought it would be nice to post it.

enjoy smile

my handy tip of the week is:

"use the lowest possible iso settings when shooting with digital cameras - the higher the iso, the more noise you will get in your image."

they didn't make that point very clear in the user manual for my camera but it makes a *huge* difference to image quality.

wish i'd known that 400 frames ago... rolleyes

cole. x

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Posted:cheers for finding this cole, looks really good, and thee is no excuses for all of us to have a look, even if its just to brush up skills

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Posted:my camera's got an iso meter on it, and i have absolutely NO idea what anything on it says!

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Posted:Linky no worky? frown

Am I wrong in my clicky?

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Posted:cheers for the link, it's always good to brush up on basics, and it looks like it's fairly well written smile

Miss Sheep drew my attention to this thread a few days ago, but i assumed it was crap so didn't look till now wink


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