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Posted:I've been fire-twirling four about two years now, and the friend that got me into in just got a new toy- a magnesium strobe. It's a largish (about 3 inches diameter) hollow sphere or glass (crystal? something very hard and high temprature) that has a spinning wedge of metal inside.You put magnesium powdwer inside, screw it closed, then light it with a peziolectric sparker built into it. When twirled, the metal wedge spins about the inside of the sphere, creating a very cool strobe effecet. Only one is used, and you can only up in a very certain ammount of magnesium powder.

THis is half (wowcool!) and half (is this insane?!)

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Posted:Ive never heard of something so crazy. Please say you can point me in the direction of media evidence smile

Were did your friend get this cool sounding piece of kit?

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Posted:or did they make it?
I would be interested in this to....



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Posted:always loved the idea since early days in the science class cool

But thought magnesium burned through everything - so containing it was the problem.........

More info - pix would be great.... ubbrollsmile

oh and yes it is insane - but to an insane person its very cool wink


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Posted:eye safety would be a problem

magnesium burns with such intensity, that it damages your retina if you look at it

carefull now!

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Posted:yeah that reminded me of the magnesium strip in chem that blew up a porcelain crucible and fused some of the fragments to the table

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Posted:hey, I did that experiment too.. we did the whole burning a strip of magnesium in a crucible so we can measure the change in the mass of the residual powder...

Now what I want to know is... Did you smoke the unknown chemical?

Yeah I know.. offtopic

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Posted:An interesting concept,
however, I have been unable to find any mention of this device (or anything like it) after extensive searching of the web.
Unless I see proof of this ie. a website or at least a picture, this will be filed into the
"sounds really cool but might be made up" category.

The fact that the original poster has never replied to this thread is also disapointing, With only one post to their name their credibility is just a leeetle bit unproven.
Sorry guys, sounded good tho.

Perhaps someone wants to take a stab at making such a device........hmmmmmmmm......... I wonder.....ubbidea

Ps. I have sinusitus and a chest infection at the moment frown, hugs gratefully recieved but you might want to wear a haz-mat suit.


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