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Posted:I have been told by three big DIY warehouses that are close to my house that Parrafin is only a seasonal winter thing - when I asked when it was going to be stocked again they looked at me as if I was mad.. 'Why do you want parrafin in the summer' I was asked - well the reply of 'I'm a fire performer' just made them look even stranger at me..oh well each to thier own..

Anyway after a long hard search I found a very small hardware store that sells it from an old petrol pump and the back of the shop. You have to take your own 5 litre container but it's only 3 for 4,85 litres - bargain I say..shame it's a 10 mile round trip..

Londoners - Jez and Pink Poi told me the other nite that they are stopping selling it or summat.. Whats going on?? Has any one else had problems? Is it just this crazy country??


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Posted:seasonal shopping problems, Stix?!

your price sounds like a bargain by US standards, which are pretty consistent nation-wide since it's sold here as the main 90+% ingredient in "lamp oil" or "candle oil" for year-round use & sales. we don't see it from pumps!

should we send you a shipload for winter profits selling to Western Isles pyros?

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Posted:None of the DIY places here sell paraffin any time of the year anyway, which gets really annoying since I have to buy the overpriced 4 litre bottles from the one petrol station I know that has it - that's a 6 mile round trip. Somewhere that sells it from a pump would be a godsend, and well worth a few extra miles for me since I'd invest in a 25 litre jerry can and buy it in bulk

Anyway, actually answering your question, I've not had any problems buying it during the summer - petrol stations seem to sell it all year round

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Posted:what is parrafin???
is it like gas or sumtin???
coz it is in lamp oil and evrethin.....

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Posted:You can buy parrafin all year round for only 28p a litre from oil distributors. There is sure to be one in your area. Look in your local Yellow Pages under the heading Oil Fuel Distributors.

Tip: If you only have a small container take a funnel along with you.

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Posted:Man I am still trying to figure out how to get the stuff in Japan!!!

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Posted:Large petrol stations in the UK have it in their forcourts. For example Esso (which are quite a dodgy company if you're an environmentalist) sell 4 litres of paraffin/kerosene for under 4 quid at their petrol stations next to the charcoal/newspapers/flowers. I've had no luck in diy shops, B&Q sell lamp oil at about 4 quid for 75cl!