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Posted:A few years ago I met a girl who told me she could twirl a fire stick in her toes. It's something that I had never seen or heard of before. Naturally I was like what tha eek She didn't have a stick to show me at the time. So I went home and tried for about three seconds and gave up.

Now 2 years later we have met again and have become quite good friends. I finally got to see her toe twirling and I still went what tha eek I thought I'd have another try and it just happened for me. I'm still mastering it. Single staff standing on one foot and doubles laying down. I am now getting calouses in beetween my toes but I have to say it is a totally different twirling experience and I would highly recomend trying it.

Good luck
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Posted:what length stick, what thickness? what tricks? you can also do fishtails, mullens, lynxs, foot spins, and a few other balency bits n pieces with feet spinning. you should bring her to Common Ground

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Posted:Sorry majik,

Could you please elaborate?

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Posted:I tried doing some foot stuff a while ago but then quit because the floor at Spitz was so grotty, just about got a figure eight and then quit (goes off and rumages in toy box to find de-comissioned fire staff)



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Posted:there's also foot Poi, which i might add looks cooler and is generally bettter

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