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Posted:Seems like there's lots and lots happening on this date! We can't make this event, but it sounds like fun and worth supporting smile I'm passing on the details in hope that there are some locals that have some time and talent to spare on Oct 1st! So here it is:
Hi, I was hoping you might be able to help me.

My name is Shannon Spreadborough and I work for DRUG-ARM Ipswich, we are currently putting together a youth festival to be held on the first of October this year.

The venue of this festival is Limestone Park, Lion Street Ipswich. We have staging, lighting and other production equipment for the use of performers. Performer safety is also a priority with the presence of security gaurds and St John's Ambulance.

So far we have had interest from several bands and soloists to perform, which is fantastic. But we are really, really keen to present as much entertainment variety as we can and are very interested in circus performers, fire twillers, street performers, specialty acts etc. Unfortunately due to our very restrictive funding, performers would be asked to appear on a voluntary basis. However it is a great opportunity for exposure as all acts appearing will be included on all of our promotional advertising which will include flyers, posters, newspaper advertisements, and radio announcements. This festival is expected to attract around 1000 young people from the Ipswich and surrounding areas and it's purpose is to provide quality entertainment in a drug and alcohol free environment, along with providing young people with positive role models ie; performers. It is hoped that young people may be exposed to creative performance art that they have not seen before, and may even want to become involved in themselves in the future. I have attached some more information about the background of this festival, and am more than happy to give you any other info you might need. If you know of any artist that would be kind enough to donate half an hour or so of their talent to this event, it would be very, very, very much appreciated! Thank -you for reading, I can be contacted on office:3282 9966 or at this email address (frostys_phoenix_festival05[AT] Hope to hear from you soon,

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