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Posted:It's friday already!

The week has just flown for me - a short one to allow for Glastonbury anyway

Tonight after work: Down to Portmouth to my dads

Saturday: Back up to the Londinium to an all night outdoor party

Sunday: Sleep, & hopefully a spin at Clapham

So what are you doing with yours?

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Posted:awwww, that sounds like something i'd do...
should be in the accidents thread .
ta for the sympathies honey i'll be good hug biggrin

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:Friday, being Canada Day, I went out with friends to a psytrance party (not that I need a reason to go out and do that lol), where I promptly broke ANOTHER set of Streetlights -- I think I have one working red one, and one working blue one so Im still good to go.

Saturday I went to a mini-ren faire, where I *finally* figured out how to do a 5-beat weave -- w00t!! well, technically i'm now able to do a 4-beat on the right side, but im able to see how the left should be done. Just have to get my hands and brain working together on that one. Still VERY proud of myself lol. The evening was spent sewing new tails for my practice poi.

Sunday was spent floating around my auntie's pool on an inflatable recliner thing that seemed to be constanly losing air -- lol -- made for lots of fun though, so Im not complaining.

Hope you all had a bright and sunny weekend! sunny



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