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Posted:Hi Everybody,

So, I've been quietly putting up some new videos on playpoi.com over the spring. Nothing as paramount as Dervishly Yers, but certainly fun. I've got schemes to make a video that will hopefully be on a whole new level, both artistically and production wise, but it's not so easy to come up with the money and time is it? rolleyes

Note: I've just today added "Unexpected Interview" when somebody said they had already seen all the new videos. It's got some lovely blacklight poi footage, but Camilla made it to mostly be about me. I was shy to release it until now.


Maybe I'm posting this just because I need a hug. hug It's been a bit of a tough year, with having to come up with the studio rent each month. I'd had all these plans for making videos, etc., and it's gone very slowly.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I've got a few more surprises in the works.

Oh, and I'm in the UK from July 12th-27th, for Uberpoi and Falmouth. Then I'm travelling across Canada from mid August to mid september, and will be teaching workshops in a bunch of cities (it will be fun to share everything I learn at Uberpoi). If you're in the USA, you could come up to Toronto maybe? I've been barred from the states for teaching unauthorised poi workshops, so you have to come up to Canada.

Ok, pardon the rambling post.

Love and poi,


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Posted:wow! can i just say that seeing you spin at falmouth and now seeing these vids was a great opportunity! your are so smooth and into the movements, even when your playing like at falmouth, i could see that you enjoyed it and it showed in your performance. its great to see people like you with poi but then again it makes me want to practise more tongue
keep up the amazing work! hug

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Posted:Real nice vid man smile Like the interview. Poi was awsome. Love the flowers. Its always good to watch a nice vid and then have a whole lot of ideas start kicking in so thanks! biggrin

Oi really really like the gloves smile

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Posted:ive never thought about poi as the way to unfold the universe, but i do drop into that zone where people watching disapear, and im left by myself and sound of the fire. ive always compared poi to tai chi, and i was interested to hear you do the same. nice moves, and beautiful studios.



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Posted:Wow. Dervishly Yers was fantastic. It's beautiful and inspiring. Thankyou. smile

It's people like you who make me want to try poi again!...Maybe I'll just stick with staff ubblol


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Posted:/me is downloading.

I'll be in to comment next week, when they all finish ubblol

Gotta love dialup rolleyes

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Posted:I'll get to those PMs eventually, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten wink

Start of a new term and my job and life is in limbo...


Hope the poi and life are going well hand in hand.


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Posted:Pardon the multiple postings, but it has taken me... uh, four years to realize that I can keep using the same thread for my videos, and simply change the title of the thread when I have a new video that I'm all excited about. I'm now going back to previous threads, and announcing that the thread you want to subscribe to is my My Official Poi Video Thread... if you like my videos, that is.

And on that note, there are new videos!

Love to all ubbrollsmile

"They're interdimensional fractal intelligences. That's why they wear funny shoes."

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